PSC Annual Charity Classic 2019


Khao Kheow was the course chosen for this year’s Charity Classic playing the ‘A’ and ‘B’ nines with a 2 tee start. Tim, Nigel and Ing from the PSC office were at the course early to prepare for registration of the 85 players.

As usual the course was in fine condition, the weather hot – but dry, and with the very helpful club house staff we were all set for a good day.

The tee-times ran reasonably smoothly with Tim, the starter on ‘B’ and Jack the starter on ‘A’ but perhaps we at the PSC did not make it clear enough, that A was the first and B was the tenth, we will correct that next time.

The traffic from Pattaya was exceptionally slow causing a slight delay but it’s the “no shows” no phone-call, which can mess up a pairs event like this. Please, if you sign up to play and can’t make it, let us know as soon as possible, thanks!
However, with a few players patience and co-operation, we got in all sorted and everyone away on time.

The Golf Hub sponsored the near pin competition on the island B8 green, as well as providing us with 2 very able ladies who orchestrated a “keep you ball on the green” fun game. If your ball did not go in the water, your ticket went into a raffle, drawn in the evening.
If it did go in, you could have another go at a price! Great idea and very good for the charities.

All the other par 3’s were also sponsored, two of them by Tyrone’s TPR Golf Academy at Siam Country Club. Other sponsors for the day include:- Chris Dodd, Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, Casa Pascal Restaurant, The Classroom, Walter Baechli, 4 golfers from The Kronberg, Diana Garden Resort, Roman Golf Shop, Avani Hotel, Sinco, The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant, Mediterranean Garden Resort and of course many of the  local golf courses; including Khao Kheow, Phoenix Gold, Eastern Star, Soi Dao, Pattana, Pattaya Country Club and last but not least Angkor Golf in Siem Reap.

The evening festivities started at 6pm, with the excellent choice of buffet food provided by the wonderful Thai Garden Resort. After most of the 85 guests had finished eating, the resident band moved away and Nigel called everyone to order and introduced the 2019 PSC Golf Chairman Jack Moseley.

However, a surprise visitor to the evening was Peter Malhotra, the PSC President and Jack passed the microphone to Peter for a few welcoming words. (He got in the picture though as any good publisher should!)

Jack expressed his appreciation for those taking part today with a special mention of the many generous sponsors. He also thanked Tim, Nigel, Ing and all the PSC office staff, for all the good work they did in staging this event. He went also to welcome the Japanese contingent, ten of them, the many new faces to Pattaya & to Pattaya Sports Club and of course the long-standing members.

from left:- Peter LeNoury, Jack and Eddie Beilby

It was then back to Nigel to announce the winners: however, it was last year’s runners up, (definitely not new faces) who got over the line first by just one shot. After an indifferent but solid front nine, Eddie got his act together on the back half to produce his ‘A’ game, helping him and Peter post, not only the best score of the day (46 points) but also the first score of the day; first off on course A and round in under 4 hours!

The full result as below:-

  1. Eddie Beilby and Peter LeNoury 46 points
  2. Fumio Kakegawa and Satosi Kawakami 45 points (CB)
  3. Lance Nomeland and Brenton Shaw 45 points (CB6)
  4. Ning Neal and Onsee Lakda 45 points
  5. Karen and Robert Brown 44 points (CB)
  6. Chop Daprakhon and Galer Duangden 44 points


Unfortunately, the ‘near pin’ result is incomplete, as someone decided to ‘kamoy’ our pin markers. We were left with only one on B8 and none on A3, so those prizes will be carried over to our next event at Bangpra.

The near pins which remained were won by:-
On A5 Mikael Anderson & Albert Bruce

On B3 Andy Spence & Ning Neal

On B8 Noksa Amphai.


The next PSC golf event is the annual Club Championship, to be held at Bangpra on 2nd and 4th April. The first round is medal (stroke-play) for all divisions before putting the leaders into a second day of medal and the remainder into a ‘plate’ competition, playing stableford, having had their first day’s score converted to points.

The evening event, remains undecided, depending on numbers:- either the Barracuda on The Mercure.

Finally, thanks to you all for your support and also to the many who expressed their appreciation for a fine day.






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