The Players Lounge 6/9

5th-6th September (Tuesday and Wednesday ) was our lam luk ka trip with 17 players. 

Day one was the mighty championship course of A B , most players have never played it but A flight was playing off the yellow tees of 6666yrds and thought they could conquer it alas 

B flight off the white with them at 6229yrds

The low scores said it all !! Great track, fantastic condition and difficult 

Only one player shot his handicap or better 

Day one: Tuesday 

A flight: A B yellow tees 


1st place Martin Grimoldby 5 32pts 

2nd place John batty 6 30pts

3rd place mrs Sang Roach (white)12 29pts 

4th place Mick Beresford 15 27pts ???

Special mention for Don Bland 4 and Phil Mitchell 6 who lost 11 balls between them 

B flight: A B white tees 

1st place Bob Mattes 18 37pts 

2nd place John Stafford 17 32pts 

3rd place Gerry Roach 22 31pts CB 

4th place Stefan Hoge 19 31pts 


Day two: Wednesday 

Playing B C all white tees 

Near pins B12 John Stafford B16 Mark Watkins C3 Phil Mitchell C8 Mr or Mrs no one 

A flight: 

1st place Steve Mann 12 35pts 

2nd place Phil Mitchell 6 32pts CB 

3rd place Paul Pavloff 7 32pts 

4th place Martin Grimoldby 5 31pts CB 

B flight: 

1st place Bob Mattes 18 33pts 

2nd place Gerry Roach 22 31pts CB 

3rd place Stefan Hoge 19 31pts 

4th place Tim Knight 25 29pts 

A mention to Mark Watkins who thought he would be in the frame with 17pts on the front but the wheels came off the back with 10pts nice one mate 

Also Mick Beresford’s caddie forgot his putter on the second green , nice start , went downhill from there 

Special thanks to Martin Grimoldby and Tim Knight 

Next up Emerald on Friday tee 0915

Sunday usual tee off 0915 at Greenvalley 

Tuesday Bangpra 

These courses should be easy compared to lam luk ka 


Contact Mick 0843753975 / sign up at the bar/ check out our FB page 

All welcome to join us 


Many Thanks 


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