The Players Lounge 29/8

29th Tuesday TPL took on the hard/ thinking course of Eastern Star, good condition with a great price

13 players made the trip with out some star names


Near pins no 3 bill peach no 13 billy Eyles


1st place Jim bell 20 38pts

2nd place bill peach 21 37pts CB 22 on the back

3rd place tony Oakes 13 37pts

4th place Steve Mann 13 37pts


Special mention to young joe Tymen who kept up with play and wasn’t last

Well done to Roachy on top 10 finish at the weekend


Friday emerald 0915 tee

Sunday Greenvalley 0915

Tuesday Greenvalley 0930

Tuesday- Wednesday Lam luka


Contact Mick 0843753975 / sign up at the bar/ check out our FB page

All welcome to join us

Many Thanks


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