The Players Lounge 18/11

Sunday Greenvalley , 18 players took to the fairways 

Near pins no 8 Martin Zimmerman no 16 Eddie Beilby , winning free beer

2s peter lenory, pat Regan and Phil Taylor

1st place Jim Bell 20 46pts !!!!!!!
2nd place mick Beresford 17 41pts
3rd place Chatern Patel 18 39pts
4th place Mark Watkins 21 36pts CB
5th place Barry Copestake 22 36pts

Well done to Jim Bell for shooting a massive 46pts, we await the fb comments

Tuesday Greenvalley, 16 players turned up for our usual tee at 0930 but found out with out them telling us we were moved to 10 due to a 3 ball and a two ball who booked 12 month in advance enough said, we will sort that out

Near pin no 8 mark Wood no 16 Phil Taylor

2s Brian wilkinson, Phil Taylor and Stuart James

1st place Mark Wood 9 44pts
2nd place Brian Wilkinson 24 41pts
3rd place Mark Watkins 21 38pts
4th place Bob St Auben 15 37pts
5th place Pat Regan 16 37pts

We say goodbye to Brian Wilkinson for awhile but welcome back to Billy Eyles after his illness

Next up Friday Emerald 0930
Sunday Greenvalley 0915
Tuesday Greenvalley 0930

Contact Mick 0843753975 / sign up at the bar/ check out our FB page
All welcome to join us

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