The Players Lounge 16/2

Friday (yesterday) TPL visited Bangpra with three groups, fairways iffy and greens slow hence the low scores


1st place Mick Beresford 16 37pts

2nd place Brian Scott 13 35pts

3rd place Francoo 3 34pts

4th place Jim Bracket 10 33pts CB


2s Brian Scott


Next up Sunday Greenvalley 0915 tee

Tuesday Greenvalley 1000 tee

Friday TBC



Contact Mick 0843753975 / sign up at the bar/ check out our FB page

All welcome to join us

Many Thanks



TPL played Greenvalley on Tuesday with 4 groups


1st place Mashi Kaneta 17 38pts

2nd place Pat Regan 18 37pts

3rd place Mick Beresford 16 36pts

4th place Tasumasa Arakawa 9 33pts CB

5th place Tim Knight 28 33pts


2s Eng and Yuite


Laughable moment both the girls took 2s pot ????????????????


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