The Players Lounge 10/9

Yesterday / Sunday the TPL took on Greenvalley, with four groups.

Course in great shape and the weather was great to start with. 

Near pin no 8 Jim bell no 16 mick Beresford winning some free beer ??

All winners had 38pts so the committee were elected to decide the outcome.

1st place Jim Elphick 33 38pts 

2nd place Eddie Beilby 22 38pts 

3rd place Barry Copestake 24 38pts 

4th place mark Watkins 23 38pts 

Check the above handicaps ?? no one got near them with handicaps from 4 upto 17 ???

Memorable moment was mark Watkins standing on the 17th tee box with 38pts when the storm started , 25 minutes delay later play resumed, 25 minutes after that and back in the club house he still had 38pts saying “why did I miss that putt on the last” ?????unlucky mate ?


Next up:


Tuesday Bangpra tee 0945 

Friday Emerald tee 0920

Sunday Greenvalley 0915 tee 


Contact Mick 0843753975 / sign up at the bar/ check out our FB page 

All welcome to join us 

Many Thanks 

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