The Player Lounge 25/10

Sorry for not posting on Facebook lately but TPL have been up to Khao Yai with 19 players playing some fantastic courses.??

Competition was best 3 scores count for the overall winner with daily winners 

25th Khao Yai CC 

A flight 

1st place 45pts Tony Oakes 

2nd place 44pts Reg Mckay 

3rd place 41pts Keith Warboys CB

B flight 

1st place 44pts George Young 

2nd place 42pts Billy Eyles 

3rd place 41pts R2 CB


Yes we played off the wrong tees ???but who cares great day out ?


Next day we split up 

26th Toscana Valley 

1st place 37pts Martin Zimmerman 

2nd place 35pts Mark Watkins 

3rd place 34pts Billy Eyles 

26th Rancho Charvee

1st place 40pts R2

2nd place 39pts Tony Oakes 

3rd place 36pts Bill Peach 

27th Khao Yai CC 

A flight 

1st place 38pts Daryl Ottaway CB 

2nd place 38pts Martin Zimmerman 

3rd place 35pts Reg Mckay 

B flight 

1st place 44pts Bill Peach 

2nd place 42pts Mark Watkins 

3rd place 37pts Billy Eyles 

28th Bonanza 

Blind pairs competition 

1st place Tim Lazecki and Billy Eyles 77pts 

2nd place Fred Birch and R2 71pts 

3rd place Reg Mckay and Daryl Ottaway 67pts 

29th Bonanza 

This was chosen instead of Panarama due roadworks on the 2 and the idea it was longer day 

A flight 

1st place 43pts Tony Oakes 

2nd place 40pts Daryl Ottaway (14 pars on his card ) ?

3rd place 39pts Reg Mckay 

B flight 

1st place 40pts Bill Peach 

2nd place 39pts Mark Watkins 

3rd place 37pts George Young 


Overall winner TONY OAKES ?


Special mention to Mike Holmes, Kev Moraghan, Mike Mier, Peter Terry, Jim Elphick and Mick Beresford for winning nothing but all enjoyed the golf.??


Most drunk 1st place Kev Moraghan 2nd Billy Eyles ???????


Special thanks to the girlfriends who made the trip and put up with us all ??


4 dummies were spat out and were duly mentioned at presentation ??? no names but you know who you are ??? ?????


Big thank you to all who attended a great trip ??


Tomorrow ( Tuesday) early start 0845 at Greenvalley 

Friday Emerald 0930

Also Friday is Poppy Day at Khao Khow 

Sunday Greenvalley 0915 


Contact Mick 0843753975 / sign up at the bar/ check out our FB page 

All welcome to join us 

Many Thanks 


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