The Player Lounge 13/08

Yesterday Sunday 13th three groups from the Players Lounge went to Greenvalley with rumors rife that it was so so but to our surprise it was in very good condition, greens were in nice condition, fairways need a bit more TLC, so well done the staff . ??

But one major criticism is we had one young man of 82 who could hardly walk and you would not let him drive his cart on the fairways come on he’s there to enjoy golf one cart won’t hurt, you will get bad press if he had a accident ??

Anyway enough said , good to see some new and old friends playing together 

Near pin no 8 Peter LeNory , no 16 no one ?? out of 3 groups no one could hit the handicap 18 green ???

1st place went to Peter Terry 37

2nd Peter LeNory 36

3rd Eddie Beilby 35

4th Mick beresford 

Special thanks to Jim Elphick from the apple bar 

Tuesday Phoenix but a late start 11

Friday sees us at the emerald 0920

We have now booked every Sunday morning tee off 0920 at Greenvalley 

Everyone is welcome to join us contact Mick 0843753975 or sign up at the bar 

Thanks ? 

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