The Player Lounge 04/07

Yesterday (4th July) we travelled to plutaluang navy course with 4 groups. Course was ok but playing long and some greens were sanded hence the low scores.


1st Bill (the rock)peach 22 37pts win cb 2nd Daryl (boomer)ottaway 7 37 points losing cb 3rd Phil(the dart)Taylor 14 34 points 4th bob (in BC Friday)catlow 15 32 points 4th bob (the bullet)cannon 18 32 points Special moment was Mark (also in BC on Friday) Watkins waiting for the green to clear from 290 out on nearly all par 4s because he thought he could reach but walking off with nothing ???

Nice to see some new faces and Nigel cannon making the trip, always a gentleman on the course ?

Next up the mighty Emerald on Friday where we will be meeting up with our Irish friends from Apple bar 1030 tee off Next Tuesday we are traveling to treasure hills, tee off 1015 all welcome to join us

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