Phantom Golf Society 16/05

Monday, 16th May, 2016 – Crystal Bay, C & B – Stableford

Hynard & Boyle Sparkle At Crystal Bay!

A very good field of 24 were signed up for the first game of the week and Crystal Bay was the venue. With our first tee time being 10.00am we arrived in plenty of time but had to wait awhile for another Golf Society to commence and our first group got away on C1 just a little before our scheduled start time. It was as usual hot and steamy and rain clouds were gathering overhead and after just five holes the heavens opened so it was a matter of sit & wait as we were hopeful of it clearing and sure enough after half an hour we were able to resume. The fairways were wet of course but one could always find relief from the “casual water” and although the first green we played after resumption was quite wet, after that all the greens were ok. I have to say though that the golf course in ordinary shape at the moment with many bare patches on the fairways although the greens were fine. We continued without further interruption and our round was finished in four hours & forty five minutes which included the 30 minute stop for rain.


Due to a “brain freeze” our leading group mucked up the novelties so we ended up with nearest the pin on three of the par 3’s, nearest the pin in 4 shots on the par 5 B8 and longest first putts on B2 & B9. Remeber the old saying “if you want a job done properly do it yourself”! We had 2 flights with A Flight for handicaps 0 to 17 and B Flight for handicaps of 18 and over with 3 places in each flight.

Absolutely blitzing the field was Peter Hynard who won the A Flight with 46 points and with 2 golfers on 38 points the resultant count back saw Bob Stokes (19 points on the second nine) take second place from Big Phil Davies (18 points on the second nine) in third spot. The winner of B Flight was Darren Boyle who scored 38 points with Stefan Friis coming second on 33 points and veteran Barry Oats finished third with 32 points.



A Flight

1st – Peter Hynard (14) – 46 points

2nd – Bob Stokes (14) – 38 points

3rd – Phil Davies (13) – 38 points

B Flight

1st – Darren Boyle (20) – 38 points

2nd – Stefan Friis (23) – 33 points

3rd – Barry Oats (22) – 32 points


B6 – Colin Davis

C4 – Peter Hynard

C7 – No-one good enough

B8 (NTP in 4 shots) – Christian Boysen


B2 – Alistair Gall

B9 – Ray Cody


Thursday, 19th May, 2016 – Plutaluang, East & South – Stableford

Coghlan Far Too Good At Navy!

It was time for another visit to the Plutaluang Golf Course and we had 19 golfers in the competition who all took advantage of the Green Fee Vouchers for 400 baht which were kindly donated by Anders Pedersen. It was a bit cooler than normal with rain clouds overhead as our first group teed off right on time at 10.00am. The golf course was in good condition with the greens being somewhat slower than the North/West course and we proceeded at a good pace although after four holes we did receive a light shower which only lasted for a few minutes & did not interrupt play. We completed the first nine, East, in two hours but had an interesting experience while on the South 1 tee. I was attempting to tee off but there was a Thai golfer standing a few feet away whilst talking loudly on his mobile phone. I politely asked him to either move away or lower his voice but he moved about three feet away and continued to talk loudly. I went over to him and asked him to desist and he proceeded to lecture me on the fact that this was “his” country and what were we doing there. I saw no point in continuing the “discussion” with this person so I and my playing partners teed off and moved off down the fairway to the sounds of this person shouting something in Thai after us. I asked my caddy who he was and she sheepishly said “Big Boss” which did not really surprise me as we have had more than one such incident at this course in the past but I guess “T.I.T.”. We continued our round without further incident and finished in a touch over four hours.


We had four nearest the pins on the par threes and longest first putts on the last hole on each nine with one Flight going down to four places.

After a lean run of late it was Mick Coghlan who won the day with 41 points and Darren Boyle continued his good form by scoring 39 points to gain second spot. With a fine 73 off the stick it was Mike Allidi who finished third with 37 points and as there were 2 golfers on 35 points the resultant count back saw Peter Hynard (17 points on the back nine) finish in fourth place with Steve Newlan (15 points on the back nine) just missing out.


1st – Mick Coghlan (21) – 41 points

2nd – Darren Boyle (20) – 39 points

3rd – Mike Allidi (2) – 37 points

4th – Peter Hynard (14) – 35 points



E2 – Steve Newlan

E5 – Mitch Matthee

S13 – Mogens Melander

S16 – Mike Allidi



E9 – Mogens Jensen

S18 – Mike Allidi


The Phantom Golf Society welcomes golfers of any persuasion – low & high handicappers alike, female golfers and beginners. We generally play Mondays, Wednesdays  & Fridays,  meeting at The Phantom Bar in Soi Buakhow at 8.00 am with transport departing at 8.30 am. Breakfast is now available at the Phantom Bar from 7.30am onwards. For bookings or more information please contact Peter on 0806 351 386 or email to

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