165th PSC Member’s Tournament Results.

The Pattaya Sports Club 165th tournament was held at Pattana Golf Club & Resort on Wednesday 13th June.

The event was kindly sponsored by the Holiday Inn Pattaya, MYTT Beach Hotel Pattaya, Tamajun Hotel Chanthaburi and the Eastern Star Country Club & Resort. Our sincere thanks go to our sponsors who help to make the day more enjoyable.

We also need to thank the management and staff of Pattana Golf Club who also sponsored the day and presented the course in superb condition. The welcome given to our golfers and the planning to provide a memorable day was exceptional

Pattaya Sports Club held their Annual General Meeting on Saturday the 9th June where some management changes were made.  All things considered, to run a major tournament just four days later was not ideal.      I would like to say a special thank you from myself to the following persons:

Ron Gale our last golf chairman who has mentored me well in preparation for the tasks ahead.

Dick Warberg the outgoing Vice President who has done a great deal in promoting and assisting with all things GOLF at Pattaya Sports Club. It was Dick who initiated this tournament.

PSC Office Staff who indeed took care of me and made all the required ready giving an almost glitch free tournament.

Mr. Stephen Truelove and Mr. Gerd Riedler Who both assisted in preparations and turned up on the day to get the tournament under way.

Miss Ing Chaimonkon, Office/Publicity Manager.  She has been responsible for pushing me in the right directions when I was heading off course!

Last but not least, Mr. Nigel Cannon who as always is ready to step up to the mark to assist when needed.

The actual competition started with a two tee start at 0900.  There had been much concern as the night before produced severe rain in most places around the venue. Fortunately by the time we started the weather was good and remained that way for the day Attendance was better than could be expected considering the recent changes in management. It was good to see some old faces appearing again to boost the numbers. Thank you to those persons also. Lady golfers were noted by their absence, this may have been a result of the ladies competition held at Burapha the day before. We started on the tee with only two ladies!

The Long Drives of the day went to Simon Spalding A flight, Jack Jackson B flight and Brendon Core of C flight.   Sunanta Duangwaw hit out for the ladies.

Eddie Beilby picked up the prize for the Long Putt.

A Flight near pins: Steve Rawlings, Christian Boysen (Twice!} and Simon Spalding.

B Flight: Jerry Sweetnam, Mikael Andersson and Chaten Patel

C Flight: Thomas Ostle, Torben Lindgaard, Brendon Cope and Stanley Rees


Now for the Trophies:

Ladies (Uncontested)  Sunanta Duangwaw

C Flight Thierry Temime with 25 HC and 43 points  Runner up was Thomas Ostle 25HC 42 points.

B Flight  John Harrison HC 15 46 points. Runner up Jack Jackson HC 18 43 points.

A Flight (Medal)  Christian Boys HC 9 68 Nett. Second Stephen Truelove HC 10 69 Nett.


So that almost concludes the Pattana Trophy Challenge except for me to give the biggest THANK YOU to all of the golfers who participated. Please continue to support us and encourage others also. Pattaya Sports Club is here to promote sport and in my case GOLF. We would like all to enjoy the game, participate in the community and socialize with other like minded members. If we can do work like this then not only will our golfers benefit but also many of the poorest people and children in our community.

Hopefully upcoming events will be published very soon and I look forward to welcoming as many as possible to our next Pattaya Sports Club tournament.





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