Links Golf Society 8/5

Links Golf Society Burapha A+B Wed. May 7 S/ford

First Up – Burapha

Like bears seeing daylight after a 6 month hibernation (or is it 6 weeks?), twenty seven Links golfers arrived in the morning ready (almost) for the newest way of getting onto the golf course.

After meeting at Links, obeying social distancing, it was then into a bus and cars. First thing, the bus may only have 7 passengers rather than normal 10, not really a problem there and all arrived at Burapha Golf course in fairly quick time.

At the entrance was the now expected temperature check and sanitizer, then fill out a form with name, passport number and telephone number.

Inside, the locker rooms were closed so any clothing changes happened in the foyer. Of course,  face masks had to be worn at all times.

The starter sent us off on the A nine about 45 minutes early, as we had arrived very early and there were very few customers around.

Golfers must drive their cart and caddies to stand at the back. I confess that I, only once in my round, went to the driver’s side correctly, much to the amusement of the caddy.

During the round, a marshall passed by at random times to admonish anyone not wearing a mask, so some had to adapt quickly.

The rest of the round felt and was as per normal, meaning that my game had not improved over the break.  All seven of our groups made good time and, since using the showers is now not permitted at the courses, we were on the road back to Pattaya by about 2.15 pm, and smelly. How early is that for a golf day?

Because the current restrictions stipulate ‘no competitions’ we will play social golf for the next couple of weeks and take it from there. Therefore, there were no presentations to do and, as the bar is not allowed to sell alcohol, it was a friendly ‘see you Friday’ to all and everyone made their way home.

Everyone, regardless of how well or otherwise they played, was just happy to be back on a golf course.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but a lot of  our old dogs ( and younger ones) must learn quite a few in this current environment, and we are learning fast.


Pattaya Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”   Links” Bar is towards the Southern end of Soi Buakhow.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming games schedule.

Sign up at Links Bar or online to join us for a day of golf.


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