Links Golf Society 6/4

The Pattaya Links Golf Society Press Report, w/e 06.04.18


Quality All Round at Pattavia

Low season at the Links Golf Society began with a trip to Pattavia to play a stableford competition from the white tees on a course which was in excellent condition with greens more customer friendly than they have been on previous visits. Everything was perfect and the field, a third of which was playing off single figures, was divided into two flights at fifteen and under.

In the second flight Paul Chesney found some good form again to take third place with 35 points, one behind Paul Wallace’s 36 point runner-up finish. The winner was Aussie golfer Stu Thompson and his round of 38 points marked his best score for a long while with the group.

The top flight was all about quality and scratch golfer Brendan McGovern’s gross 69 was the pick of the day. It gave him 38 points which took second place, ahead of Links “newbie” Ken Aihara’s 36. First place went to Kevin LaBar. The Southern Californian golfer fired a fine 39 points to win the flight and his maiden green jacket.

Near pins went to Colin Smith (4), Phil Davies (7), Ken Aihara (13) and Pete Seil (17). The consolation prizes went to Huw Phillips for his best front nine of 20 points and Rod Stevens’ 19 on the back. It was a fitting way for the Canadian golfer to draw the curtains on his Links golf this trip, having played a series of rounds which rivalled his best over here.

Finally Mr Phil found a suitable candidate for the wig and there was no hiding place for Martin Patch as the boss patrolled the bar, wig in hand, looking for the golfer who had managed the poorest round of the day.


Devastating Davies Sets Season High

As the seasonal temperatures continue to rise the Pattaya Links Golf Society continue to find quality courses to play and settled for Burapha on Wednesday, 4th April. The A and B nines were in excellent condition and two dozen golfers took to the tee in two divisions with the cut coming at fifteen and under.

Fine conditions and good golfers led to high scores in both flights. In the seco0nd flight Colin Service took third place after countback with Brendan Gilsenan, both 0n 34 points. In second place was Welshman Will Brown whose 36 points rewarded a round of very solid golf. The flight winner was Nigel Harrison and thirty eight points notched another sub-par round for the record.

In the top flight two huge scores stood out as first Tommy Marshall returned with forty points, seemingly set for the win but he knew the truth. He had been playing with Phil Davies who had played the round of his life after some indifferent performances. His forty-six points matched the best PLGS round of the year so far for an emphatic win. The secret? Some mediocre rounds recently had increased his handicap and he was fired up by the embarrassment of it all. His words not mine!

Near pins went to Tip Briney (A3), Jon Batty (A6), Michael Wright (B3) and Paul Smith (B8) whilst the consolations went to Russell Exley (best front nine, 22 points) and Colin Service (best back nine, 19 points). Finally the wig went to Tony Lang after a lacklustre round on his return to the group.

History only remembers the good scores and Phil’s phenomenal 46 will be remembered for a long while yet.


Irish Cheer at Pattaya CC

The Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Pattaya CC on Chakri Day to play a stableford round on the course which was in fair condition but for some hard fairways and a few inconsistent greens on the back nine. Scores for the single flight were extremely good and an average total of 33 points indicated the quality of the field. Indeed, for the third successive competition the average has been maintained at 33 points. This Links group is certainly well equipped in the skills department!

Four places were up for grabs and Steve Truelove edged Huw Phillips out of third place after countback relegated Huw to fourth with 37 points. Irish golfer Brendan McGovern plays off plus two and his skillful play gave him the best gross of the day (72) and second place with 38 points. His compatriot playing partner Fonzie McGahan took advantage of his seven handicap to take the win with 40 points.

At the nether end of the results table Ian Mullard found himself in line for the dreaded wig and accepted the booby prize with a warm smile.

Indeed it had been a day of smiles at Pattaya CC with the Links golf group.

Bren Guns Down the Field at Lakeside

Golf at Royal Lakeside can be a wonderful experience with the finely manicured course on the banks of the Bangpakong River attracting constant cooling breezes. The quality of course maintenance is unrivalled and a field of two dozen golfers from the Links Golf Society visited there on Monday, 9th April to play a stableford competition. The field was divided into two flights at eighteen and under.

Scores are generally good here and this day it was no exception with five golfers attaining forty points or more and the whole field averaging 34 points. In the top flight third place went to Steve Truelove with 37 points, helped in part by two-putting seventeen holes, a single putt sufficing on the other. Runner-up was a rejuvenated Phil Davies with another fine round, this time recording 41 points. Then flight winner was Martin Patch with 42 points and his golf, though not spectacular, was a steady mix of length, accuracy and some shrewd course management.

In the second flight Tip Briney emerged from the shadows of his previous few rounds to record 40 points for third place. In second was Paul Chesney experiencing his first round at the course and he recorded a debut 42 points in style. The flight winner and the green jacket recipient was Brendan Gilsenan who put together a sumptuous round of 44 points, again on his first visit to the course.

Near-pins went to Andy Lawlor (3), John Mason (6), John Chelo (12) and Tip Briney (15) and the consolation prizes went to Wayne Morrison for his best front nine of 21 points and Stan Stewart for his best back nine of 20 points.

Very little in golf is guaranteed but a day at Royal Lakeside comes pretty close to perfection.


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