Wayne Wins on a Top Day at Bangpra

The Links golfers returned to Bangpra after too long an absence, but now with a terrific sports day price of 1450 bht all- in, it was time for another look. As this course is quite suitable for walkers, they were also happy with their price of 1150 bht.

We found the course to be in excellent condition with nicely cut fairways and greens in the condition we nearly always found over the years, albeit a little slower than the lightning quick style of some years ago. Don’t worry, once the players worked that out, they were quite happy for some less pace.

The weather was just right for a golf day. Overcast skies all day and relatively cooler, but never looking like rain. A nice breeze, at times quite strong, made for a comfortable round.

As things are now, there were no other groups around when we arrived so the starter told us to go when ready. Consequently, our first group, a three-ball, took off about 30 minutes before our scheduled time, and completed the round in three and a half hours.

One of those in that group, Wayne Peppernell, continued the form revival started a couple of days ago, to take out first place with a good, solid 37 points and his first Green Jacket since about January. (don’t forget, we lost a couple of months golf in between).

Mike Tottenham has had his handicap blow out a bit, but showed some of what he can do by scoring 35 points, to take second place on countback over consistent Craig Webster.

Lawrie McBride has been out of the placings recently, but he is back with a score of 34 points for the fourth spot.

For the second game straight, Steve Moxey had the best front nine score, this time it was 19 points. Tony Browne won a countback over a playing partner to have best back nine of 18 points.

Winners at Bangpra

1st  Place – Wayne Peppernell (16) – 37 pts

2nd Place – Mike Tottenham (22) – 35 pts c/back

3rd Place – Craig Webster (18) – 35 pts

4th Place –  Lawrie McBride (14) – 34 pts

Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Steve Moxey – 19 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Tony Browne  – 18 pts c/back

Many of the golfers, some of whom had never been here before, commented how much they enjoyed the course, and the day overall, and now looking forward to getting back here in September.

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