Links Golf Society 29/6

 Gazza Goes Green at Treasure Hill – Fri  Jun 29 S/ford 


Reports received two days ago were that a large group from Pattaya was rained off from this course. So, our twenty two golfers expected to be met with the news that it was carts on path only.

Much to our surprise, and joy for some, the fairways had dried out so well that the Greens staff  had been able to get on course with the mowers, so that the fairways were in great condition. Firm and with some run. How do they do it?

Some front nine greens still showed signs of recent sanding, but the back nine was in excellent condition. Greens were measured at 8.5 “stimp”, some thought slightly slower than that, but the putts ran true.

Some work is being done to build new Tee boxes and a couple of new greens, re positioned. Some GUR to work around, but the usual “free drop” is there.

Overall rating: As always for this course.. excellent..

Among a large group of golfers from Darwin (Aust) were five players who have come to play a few games at Links, having extended their stay in Pattaya. They have all played a lot of golf recently, and still going strong.

Garry Barker is one of them and is a cool, complete golfer, who is always likely to par a golf course. He didn’t make par today, but his 36 points went very close, 74 gross, to earn him a well deserved first Green Jacket.

Tip Briney, we have said before, can be very good or very bad.. Today he was very good and took second spot with a fine 35 points. Just one more putt Tip?

Phil Davies has been in pretty good form recently, and carried that on to score 34 points and the third place.

Dave Hewson started this trip with the “wig” and then found his real form, and so, said “farewell” for now by grabbing fourth spot on countback from James Hudson, both with 33 points, very good scoring on this course.


Near Pins:  Garry Barker (2), Dave Hewson (6), Colin Smith (13), James Hudson (17)


Winner ………………Garry Barker (4)………..36 pts

2nd Place……………….Tip Briney (23)………….35 pts

3rd Place………………..Phil Davies (12)…………34 pts

4th Place……………….Dave Hewson (9)……….33 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winners)……John Harrison ……..17 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners)…….Lachlan Gotz………16 pts c/back


With no hold ups, the first two groups were back in the clubhouse in 3 hours 40 minutes and so, after a quick drink and the collection of cards it was on to the buses and back to Links Bar quite early. Much better than the 6.00 pm return two days earlier after big storms at Bangpakong.

Sweet and Sour Chicken was served to all, but only one player was served the “wig”.

Graham Pratt has only just returned and is still warming up. Watch out!


Pattaya Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play  Monday ,Wednesday and Friday.”      Links” Bar is towards the Southern end of Soi Buakhow.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming  games schedule.

Sign up at Links Bar or online to join us for a day of golf.



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