Links Golf Society 24/02

           PSC Golf …Links Golf Society…Greenwood….Friday 24 Feb.


                               Dress Rehearsal for “Links Cup”


Next Wednesday( March 1) is the Monthly “Links Cup” and this time will be held at the beautiful Greenwood Golf Course. So, what an opportunity to play today to get a practice run! Well,it seems most don’t need the practice as we had our smallest turn out for weeks with only 11 players. ( it was 12, but one latecomer missed out).

That’s OK, as we that took part had a terrific day out , and got the practice some of us so desparately need( myself especially).

Throughout the dry last year this was one of a few courses able to stay green and this time they have managed to do the same. But there were many wet areas including very wet around the greens. Then to add to the wetness, (and to help the greenkeeper,) we actually had some rain. Heavy enough to scatter to shelter, but after about 5 minutes eased off enough to get back on the Tee.

Although the greens seemed a little slower than usual, they slowed again considerablyafter the rain, but for only a few holes, and ran well as long as you gave the ball a little bit extra uphill.

Only one flight today and this was won by a first time visitor to Links. The guy with the  multi coloured hair , Steve Westmoreland  with a score of 40 points. A countback for 2nd was won by Richard Dobson on 38 points, another good score from Richard. The handicapper is watching..losing the countback, but of course, on 38 points was another first timer to Links, Alex Field.

“2s” today: Only 1 winner, Michael Pallesen took the rather small(ish) prize.

All done, it was into the Bus and cars for a quick trip back to the bar. NO !, not a quick trip, but instead a slow and painful trip, as traffic on the Motorway “7” and 3rd road was at a crawl. Everyone ,eventually, back and into the Presentations followed by tasty Beef Strogonoff.. I suppose it was Friday after all.


Winner ……Steve Westmoreland (c/h 34)…………40 pts

2nd……….. Richard Dobson (c/h 32)…………….38 pts  on countback

3rd………..  Alex Field (c/h 19)……………38 pts


“2s”  …Michael Pallesen  (B2)


Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”      “Links” Bar and Hotel is on Soi Buakhow.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming  games schedule.



Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Sunday,Wednesday and Friday.

Look for” Links Bar and Restaurant” towards the southern end of Soi Buakhow








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