Links Golf Society 22/02

           PSC Golf …Links Golf Society…Green Valley…Wednesday 22 Feb…

                  Boysen and Henshaw make the best of Green Valley.


A number of Golf Groups from Pattaya play this course weekly or,at least regualarly, and seem happy enough with it. It has been a while since many of our players had been here.

Unfortunately, some of our group today were less than complimentary of the condition of this once excellent course. There certainly has been a lot of work being done recently to improve the layout, and  changes can be seen there.

However, it seems at the expense of the main game, the upkeep of the greens in particular , being described by one  as “hairy”,slow and not true running. Considering that a rather large part of a good score depends on putting it really needs the greens to be in good order and our group found this course wanting. ( and currently it’s not alone in that regard).

As an aside, much the same has been said about the sister course, Silky Oak.( both a work in progress, we hope).

Fairways are good, but as with most courses, drying out. Having said all that, we did return some good scores today. Not the 40’s we have had recently,( nor should we, even playing Course Handicap) but enough to please the players who made it to the podium.

“A”Flight saw Christian “finally” ( in his words) making first place posting a very good 38 points.  He’s been around the top, but not quite there. Now he will have a rest for a few days..Sidney Crawley came in 2nd with a credible 37 points, while Connie Walsh took 3rd spot by way of a close countback and 36 points.

“B”Flight Winner today was Peter Henshaw racking up a very nice 39 points, just edging out Richard Dobson on a countback. Soren Hansen, a regular in this column came in 3rd place with “only” 37 points. Becoming very consistent is Soren.

We cannot seem to get a jackpot on the “2s” of late and today had 2 winners to share the purse. Mike Ehlert on hole 5 and Bernd Mozenbacher on hole 8.

Back at “Links Bar” the pink envelopes are gone and now we have the boring white ones back. Not so boring if you are handed one during Phil’s presentations however..

A tasty Sweet and Sour, a few steps to the board and sign up for the “Links Cup” to be held on  Wednesday March 1, a couple of cold ones and an early night ( that’s the plan!!). True..


“A” Flight ……Christian Boysen (c/h 7)…………38 pts

Sid Crawley (c/h 16)…………….37 pts

Connie Walsh (c/h 13)……………36 pts on countback


“B” Flight……  Peter Henshaw (c/h27)……  …. ..39 pts on countback

Richard Dobson (c/h310)………..39 pts

Soren Hansen (c/h20)……………37 pts

“2s”  …Mike Ehlert and Bernd Motzenbacher


Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”      “Links” Bar and Hotel is on Soi Buakhow.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming  games schedule.



Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Sunday,Wednesday and Friday.

Look for” Links Bar and Restaurant” towards the southern end of Soi Buakhow








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