George Wins A Countback

Heavy rain in Pattaya in the morning brought the usual question of whether golf would go ahead.

A couple of phone calls to Eastern Star confirmed the theory that it may not be raining at the course.

So, with one no show, we set off with just eight players, which was five more than we had two days previously, oh joy.

The fairways here are in very good condition and the rough is, as most courses now, deep and difficult.

But, oh, the greens. What happened? Lots of sand stopped the roll pretty quickly and there are some dark patches on many of them. Let’s hope that this is just a renovation process.

Only two placings available today and the decision went down to the wire.

George Mueller scored 40 points, including 23 points on the back nine to edge out Billy Buchanan, with 21 points on the back nine.

Wayne Peppernell and Peter Allen both had scores of handicap or better, but on this day, missed out on a place.

Winners at Eastern Star

1st  Place – George Mueller (15 ) – 40 pts c/back

2nd Place – Billy Buchanan (15) – 40 pts

We played from the short yellow tees in case there was no run after the rains. As it turned out, there was plenty of run, hence the very good scores, or maybe it was good golfing.

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