Links Golf Society 20/01

Bob Watson and John Hughes take to “The Hill”

Treasure Hill is a beautifully presented golf course, but not renowned for  allowing players to achieve great scores. But 17 “Links” golfers decided to try their luck and change the statistics.

It is High Season, and this course was particularly busy. Not surprising with the much talked about and appreciated price of 1150 bht for  g/f,caddy,cart.

As busy as it was, our first group was away on time and kept up a good pace for the round.

The past 2 games at “Links” have been devoid of “2s” and the prize was steadily jackpotting. Then, today, not 1, not 2, but 5 “2s” were recorded. Never rains but it pours. Well done to those 4 golfers. ( Bob Watson had 2 would you believe?)

17 starters allowed for 2 flights with 2 prizes in each.

The Course allowed 4 players to better their handicap. Bob Watson with a generous (c/h 8) piled on 37 points ( that’s 79 gross) to win the “A” Flight. Good going!  Maurice Roberts ( c/h 12) is always near the top of the Leader Board, and today picked up 2nd prize with a with an even 36points.

John Hughes ( c/h23) had a steady round for  terrific 38 points to take out “B” Flight ( a number of occasions moaning about the putt before it was half way to the hole, only to be thrilled when the ball actually went in, good putt after all).John Anderson (c/h 31) with a surprise 37 points took out 2nd spot.

Did the course win? Maybe just a little bit..

Back to “Links Bar” for  Phil to do the presentation of prizes, and then out came the golfers complimentary meal for today. With bucket loads of chips.  MMM.


“A” Flight…1st…Bob Watson   (c/h 8)………..37 points  ( in the photo)

2nd…Maurice Roberts (c/h 12)…. 36 points

“B” Flight….1st….John Hughes (c/h 23)……… 38 points

2nd …John Anderson ( 31)……   .37 points


.Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Sunday,Wednesday and Friday.

Look for” Links Bar and Restaurant” towards the southern end of Soi Buakhow.


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