George Wins the Countbacks

We are so spoilt these days with so many of our regular golf courses in such wonderful condition, as well as the lower pricing for most of them.

Laem Chabang is one of them and, as usual here, looked picture postcard perfect. Manicured fairways, greens that are as good as any around and weather conditions just about right with a nice breeze, that became stronger at times, and wasn’t always at our backs.

Twenty two golfers, on this day, just couldn’t resist such a great course and still at the amazing price of 1900 bht all-in.

Under the conditions, we expected some pretty good scores, and we got them.

Any golfer who can score 38 points has certainly had a good game and, this time, we had three of them with that excellent score, so more countbacks were needed.

George Mueller started the week, on Monday, with a win and a Green Jacket and he has ended the week, Friday, with another win and a new photo of the Green Jacket.

George won a tight countback to relegate Tony Browne to second spot, after another solid game from Tony, the count going to last six.

Mr. Golf, Paul Smith, also had 38 points from his handicap of #4, but had less points on the back nine than the other two, and took third place.

Wayne Peppernell payed a visit from the Siam courses, where he plays a lot these days, to grab fourth spot with a handy 36 points.

Michael Blumhagen was there again by winning a three way countback with 35 points and fifth place.

We welcomed back two more players, having completed quarantine, Thorsten Jodehl and Jochen Stepp are ready to find some form.

Near Pins: Paul Smith, Paul Stewart (x2), Peter Lacey

Winners at Laem Chabang

1st  Place – George Mueller (15) –  38 pts c/back

2nd  Place – Tony Browne ( 20) –  38 pts c/back

3rd Place –  Paul Smith (4) – 38 pts

4th Place –  Wayne Peppernell (16) – 36 pts

5th Place –  Michael Blumhagen (8) – 35 pts c/back

Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Mark On – 21 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) –  Thorsten Jodehl – 19 pts

Even Laem Chabang, on this Friday, had very few players around and, consequently, we were given the go ahead to start about 30 minutes early. As we, happily, had no slow groups, all finished in good time for an early trip back to Links Bar.

We have been advised that the great price of 1900 bht all-in is set for Links Golf for our  appointment on March 15.

  1. There were some Thai groups preparing to play later, so all was not as bad as it seemed, relatively speaking.

Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play competition golf on Tuesday and Thursday. An extra day may be added if a special is offered.

Starting with the March schedule, we will return to three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

“Links” Bar is towards the Southern end of Soi Buakhow

Check the Big board out front for upcoming games schedule. Sign up at Links Bar or online to join us for a day of golf.


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