Links Golf Society 17/02

 Mogens  Waits and Waits for Victory.!

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Plutaluang saw a fine and sunny Friday morning as 18 “Links” golfers arrived in cars and the Minibus. There would have been 21, except someone (no names) misread the time sheet.  We made our way to East Course Tees. Almost unbelieveably there was not the near gale force winds we had experienced on the previous outings. A nice gentle breeze. Bliss !.

A different plan today. We did it at Silky Oak for the “Links Cup”, a two tee start.

“A”Flight played from the White tees at 6464 yards ( E & S) and “B”Flight from the Yellow tees at 6000 yards. Easy enough now most societies are using course handicaps. Now low handicappers don’t need a course “ too short for me” and high handicappers  “ it’s too long, I can’t make the water carries”. Win Win..

Having not ventured here for a while, I found the course in quite good condition.Sure there are brown areas starting to appear, but the same with most courses now, due to little or no rain recently. But then someone forgot to turn off the sprinklers in front of some greens and these areas were muddy. Lucky to see Phil’s ball on the 18th,plugged and muddy, free drop, casual water, Lucky Falang!

The oft reported lack of caddies was apparent today with a large number wearing “civvies”. We guessed one of our group had a “caddy” who should have been in school today. So, no help for Phil or Steve, but they are low handicaps and can manage themselves very well. ( why do other courses have an abundance of caddies ,but not here??)

Plutaluang, it seemed was overbooked and our 3 ball spent a frustrating 5 hours to get around, and being 4th or 5th in the queue on most Par3s didn’t help. Crazy!

Scores today were not high,maybe the slowness of the day or the trickiness of the course, but Mogens Melander had his best result for a while with a nice 39 points to to win the “B”Flight.  Gordon Uvanile 2nd with 37 points was the only other player on the day to play to handicap or better. Sneaking into 3rd was John Anderson (becoming countback specialist) with 34 points.

“A”Flight saw the “old Master” back on top. Bob Watson only scored 35 points, but off a handicap of  7, is a very good round. On his 2nd game with us, Mike Ehlart picked up 2nd with 34 points ahead of Maurice Roberts who, on a countback, took 3rd with 33 points.

Due to a mixup at the presentations ( the scorer, me, missed a “2”) Christian was delighted he had the only “2”. However, there was another one, this being first time visitor Kev Timbrell. Sorry Christian..

A quick trip back to “Links Bar”, some icy cold beers, or in some cases Coke, or other, another tasty complimentary meal and the presentations.

There were the “hard luck” stories, then there was the umbrella that became kaput after a tee shot failed to pass the ladies tee, can’t say how that happened !( the umbrella I mean 55)and generally everyone in good spirits.


“A” Flight …….Bob Watson( c/h 7)…………….35 pts

Mike Ellert (c/h 10)…………….34 pts

Maurice Roberts( c/h12)………..33 pts on c/b

“B” Flight……  Mogens Melander (c/h18)……  .. 39 pts

Gordon Uvanile (c/h15)…………37 pts

John Anderson (c/h 29)………….34pts

“2s”  …Kev Timbrell, Christian Boysen


Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.      “Links” Bar and Hotel is on Soi Buakhow.

Two Big events coming up next month. “The Links Cup” at Greenwood on Mar 1st ( prizes on every hole). And Phil’s Birthday Bash at Khao Kheow on Mar 3rd. ( loads of prizes, sponsored by Phil.) His birthday but you get the presents. Sign Up..




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