Links Golf Society 16/3

Takano Wins in Another Tight Finish

Pattavia is a course in splendid condition but unfortunately the greens detract from an otherwise enjoyable day with their capacity for “run” and general quick pace. Some golfers will avoid the course because of this but the Pattaya Links Golf Society still took forty-five golfers to the course on Monday, 12th March, to play a stableford competition in three flights with the cuts at fourteen and twenty-one.

Although very humid the day stayed dry and a very tight competition ensued.

In the third flight Bart Bingham again found himself in the frame with a third placed finish on 32 points, one behind Mike McGuigan whose phenomenal back nine of 23 points made up the mediocrity of his front nine, giving him 33 points overall. The flight winner was John Mason with 35 points.

In the second flight Colin Service’s 33 points took third place with Jim McGinnis and Soren Hansen both returning 36 points but the latter snatching the win on countback. In the top flight Huw Phiilips made third place with 33 points, Mark Effendie took second with 35 points and Masa Takano took the win with 36 points off his handicap of eight. Excellent golf on a testing course Masa!

Near pins were won by John Kelly (4), Dave Heyes (7) and Masa Takano (13), with the seventeenth disappearing somewhere mid round. Consolation prizes went to Derek Phillips and Mike Davies for their best nines, both recording eighteen points. Altogether another successful day with the Links group.

Hansen Beats Hot Rod to the Line at Lakeside

Royal Lakeside had the pleasure of a visit by the Links Golf Society on Wednesday, 14th March as more than three dozen golfers chose to test their skills in the exquisite course. As always the course was in excellent condition with well grassed fairways and greens which were a little deceptive in pace with a more than grainy element than had been seen for a while there.

The two flights were divided at twenty and under and play got underway on time on a nit too crowded course. In the second flight countback was needed to separate second from third place as Dave Moriarty’s back nine took the day from newbie Mark Samuels, both finishing with 35 points. The flight winner was out of sight as Canadian Rod Stevens was in turbo-mode scoring 43 points to win by the legendary distance.

The top flight saw more top quality action as Larry Slattery continued his consistent golf with a third placed finish on 37 points. Larry was three behind Masa Takano who finished with a gross 76 giving him 40 points for second. The flight winner, on his final appearance this visit, was Danish golfer Soren Hansen whose 43 points also took the green jacket, nosing out “Hot” Rod on countback (22/21). Near pins were claimed by Masa Takano (3), Tom Wilson (6), Huw Phillips (12) and Bobby Whannel (15) whilst a lacklustre display for the rest of his round saw Bobby receive the wig for the lowest score of the day.

The course was well and truly beaten-up by three golfers on a fine golf day but it still holds some secrets in store for our next visit next month. Good courses don’t give all their secrets up at the first challenge to their status. Next time may well be different.

Welcome Back Dave Moriarty!

On Friday, 16th March the Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Emerald for the first time this season and found the course in reasonable condition and at a splendid “vfm” price. Fairways were grassed but dry and greens were moderately quick and tricky to putt with the predominance of “grain”, which we see at this time of year.

Three dozen golfers were divided into two flights at seventeen and under and an empty course gave the opportunity for good, concentrated golf.

In the top flight some focussed golf gave mark Reynolds 31 points for fourth, just losing out to third placed Andrew Purdie on countback. Second place saw another very solid round by Pierre Cere as he finished with 33 points leaving Chris Barker the winner on 35 excellent points.

In the second flight Tip Briney threw off some very mediocre rounds with a fine 32 points which gave him fourth place. However he was still some way off the front three as Phil “PJ” Mitchell took third place with 36 points, with Dave Bibby in second on his final round this trip with 37 points. The winner, with the best score of the day was American Dave Moriarty, who has battled with stoic determination during this trip to produce an excellent score of 38 points and take the coveted Green Jacket back at the Links later. Well done Dave, welcome back! Near pins went to Pierre Cere (5), Mark Effendie (7), Paul Chesney (13) and Warren Gallope (15). Consolation awards went to Chris Walsh (best front nine, 18 points) and Colin Service (best back nine, 19 points) and in the absence of Phil Mr Len rewarded the low score of the day with the Booby Bevy, the famed beer consolation. Kevin Timbrell certainly enjoyed a cooling end to his golf day.

Thus ended another fine week for the golfers at the Links Bar, with good scores on tough courses and in testing hot and humid conditions. Nobody said it would be easy, after all, least of all Dave Moriarty.

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