Links Golf Society 16/06

   PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…..St.Andrews…. Fri..Jun.16 ….S/Ford.


                   The Marshall and Watson Show

St. Andrews 2000 is not a place for the faint hearted, the short of breath, or the high handicap golfer. As well presented as it is, and compulsory carts were allowed on the fairways sometimes ( surprised me),there is still a lot of uphill and downhill walking. Just to tire us more, today was very warm with little breeze. The course is in very good condition. A couple of complaints about the greens, but they are much improved on their condition 5 or 6 weeks ago.

This is a course where the very good golfers can shine. Today the first group out consisted of 4 very good golfers and supplied the first three placegetters in “A” flight and  a best 9 winner.!

Upon the first checking of scorecards, there he was again, Bob Watson had the top score of 40 points off a handicap of 6.  But his Buddy and playing partner Tommy Marshall pipped him at the post presenting a scorecard of 41 points off his exaggerated handicap of 10. The consistent Jacob Cummings in only his third game this trip,rounded out the “A” flight on 37 points.

Then the “B” flight, and here we see the gap between low and high handicaps most prevalent at St.Andrews.

Jayson Schembri, a sometime visitor to Links, topped the flight with 34 points(handicap 19), a score we would happily take any time. Masaaki Sugaya has been another consistent player this trip taking second spot with 32 points ( also handicap 19), while Veteran Alan Walker filled third spot on 31 points. His look of amazement was worth a photo.

Today’s attendance by 22 players was most heartening and makes the organizers feel much better, as well as enabling more players to win prizes. There were some, myself included, walking away wondering. How do you score so well on the first nine holes ( we had 18, 19,23) all to completely capitulate on the second nine. I know it was not the fault of the course or the caddy.. who’s left??

Considering it was a Friday afternoon our trip back to the Bar was smooth and easy, thank you for that. A very nice Beef Stew arrived, followed by presentations by Mr.Len. An enviable job when you have so many winning prizes.

The Green Jacket looked comfortable on Tommy, while we needed to wait a minute or two for the wearer of the “Wig”, Mike Wilsher, to get the hair straight and the make-up on for the photo op.!


Winner….”A” Flight…….Tommy Marshall (10)………41 pts

2nd Place……..Bob Watson (6)…………….40 pts

3rd Place……..Jacob Cummings (6))………..37 pts


Winner….”B” flight…….Jayson Schembri (19)………..34 pts

2nd Place……Masaaki Sugaya ( 19)………..32 pts

3rd Place…….Alan Walker (22 )……………31 pts.


Best Front Nine ( non winner)……Selwyn Yates……….23 pts

Best Back Nine (non winner)……Mogens Melander…20 pts



Pattaya Links Golf Society is a friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play

Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

We are situated  at the southern end of  Soi Buakhow, and opp Action Street bars.

The Links Hotel, Restaurant and Bar.





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