Links Golf Society 16/9

Winner, Tommy Marshall


LINKS GOLF SOCIETY…Treasure Hill…Wed..Sept.16…S/ford


Tommy Prevails-Hard Course-Hard Day

Regular readers and golfers who have played at Treasure Hill Golf Club will know that, although a very good class of golf course, is not an easy one to achieve high points scores.

Today our eight Links players had it even tougher. Like many courses right now, the rough has not been cut back and is dense and even difficult to find the ball. The fairways are very good, but the normally, very quick greens were so slow that almost no-one could work them out.

Then the weather, although hot and dry most of the round, quickly became dark and wet, and just a little dangerous when lightning seemed to hit the ground close to our first group. It turned out that it was even closer to the second group.

The first group made it the end of the round before getting wet, but the second group, with three holes to play, decided to head for the clubhouse to sit it out. They returned to finish the round as conditions improved.

With all of the above at play, the scores today were nothing to write home about, as no-one even made it to 30 points.

Tommy Marshall survived the best with a winning score of 29 points.

Then came a three-way tie on 27 points, separated by countback.

George Mueller, 15 pts back nine was second and Peter Lacey,13 pts back nine was third.

Tip Briney had 12 pts back nine to just miss a place.


Winners at Treasure Hill

1st  Place – Tommy Marshall (4) – 29 pts

2nd Place – George Mueller (14) – 27 pts c/back

3rd Place – Peter Lacey (10) – 27 pts c/back

It seems that many courses we have visited recently have slowed down greens, even though they actually look quite quick, maybe better next time after some sun on them.


Pattaya Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play  Monday ,Wednesday and Friday.”      Links” Bar is towards the Southern end of Soi Buakhow.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming  games schedule.

Sign up at Links Bar or online to join us for a day of golf.



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