Links Golf Society 10/8

Khao Kheow B+A On Fri Aug 10 S/ford Chesney’s Best Ever Round


As Paul Chesney handed in his card he was so excited to tell me this was his best game ever.

After going through a rough patch with his golf ( don’t most of us?), and wearing the “wig” at least once, he has burst out of it with a fine 40 points. Well done..


Paul Smith, handicap 2, has to almost par the course to get a win. But gross 74 is pretty good, and he took second on a countback over Peter Henshaw, both on 36 points.

Bernie Stafford and Peter Wilson fought out the minor placings on 35 points.


Khao Kheow is not known for producing high stableford scores, so these five and the next four places have done very well.

This course is going through “low season” maintenance and upgrade. The greens were done first and are in excellent condition and, even though there had been some rain about recently, had some good pace.


Tee boxes are almost there, and the fairways are looking very good. Some on the “A” course almost look as if the grass has been painted on they are so good. Particularly A2.

Most importantly, the fairways are nicely mown and provide good lies.


The weather today started beautifully with a nice breeze and overcast conditions. Carts were on path only due to recent rains. By the second nine the sun was peeping through and things became a little more steamy. The fairways had some mud in places but otherwise quite firm. My caddy phoned a couple of times asking to drive on fairways, but it was a no.!



Near Pins: Kevin LaBar (B3), Masa Sugaya (B8), Paul Smith (A3),Bernie Stafford (A5)



Winner ….…….Paul Chesney(20)…………40 pts

2nd Place……….Paul Smith (2)…………….36pts c/back

3rd Place……….Peter Henshaw (29)………36 pts

4th Place………..Bernie Stafford (20)………35 pts

5th Place………..Peter Wilson (8)………….35 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners)……John Anderson……….18 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)……Donal McGuigan……..18 pts


On our way in the morning, having reached Pattaya Klang, we received a call that someone had left a bag at the Bar. One bus was turned around to go back. Maurice decided then and there that the “silly hat” was going to the owner of that bag, regardless of his score… Well done, Alan Walker..

Good ‘ol Mate Bryan Barrell gets disappointed if he misses out on the “wig”. No disappointment today for Bryan. Looks made to fit.

As always, an enjoyable and fun day of golf with Pattaya Links Golf Society at Khao Kheow.


Pattaya Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play  Monday ,Wednesday and Friday.”      Links” Bar is towards the Southern end of Soi Buakhow.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming  games schedule.

Sign up at Links Bar or online to join us for a fun day of competition golf.





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