Links Golf Society 07/06

PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…Burapha. “A” and “B”…Wednesday..Jun 7.


                           It”s Watson’s Links Cup.


The 27th Links Cup at Burapha Golf Course attracted 27 avid golfers all seeking the Top Prize or any of the other 23 prizes on offer.

The Pattaya golf scene has been very quiet for the past few weeks and it was heartening to have so many players turn out for the “Cup” day. Sure a lot fewer than normal, but  under the current circumstances……looking better for the weeks ahead.

Last month we played the “Links Cup” at Burapha and were critical of being assigned the “C” and “D” combination because of ongoing renovations.

This time, however , we played “A” and “B” and what a pleasure. Fairways were in excellent condition, cut a little shorter than a course we played earlier in the week, but absolutely fine. The greens looked a little patchy in places, but ran truly and if you could decide a read or listen to the caddy and follow it, the ball was in the hole. The rough here has caused me trouble before, and I wasn’t the only one. It somehow manages to twist the club head as you swing. I’m guessing this does not happen for top of the range golfers.

Speaking of “top of the range golfers”  The Bob Watson.. After a slight injury he seemed to be on the comeback trail with 35 points at Pattana last week. Today just got better to take out “The Cup’. 41 points from a 7 handicap ( gross 74) is an excellent round of golf. Doubt he found out about the rough.

After a couple of very ordinary games, Phil Davies has also been finding the form that regularly had his name called to the winners circle. Today, he made his presence felt with a 3 under his handicap 39 points.

Third place in “A” flight went to Jacob Cummings. Good effort for someone who arrived at Bangkok Airport, jumped in a car and headed straight to Burapha, not even getting to his hotel first. Again an under handicap round.

Torben Lingaard, the jovial Dane, lead the charge to take out the “B” flight and not for the first time. A handicap equalling 36 points got him the Pink envelope. He is a bit keen on the Pink envelopes as he also won two of the technical “Hole” prizes. A good day out for Torben.

Kenny Chung and Henry Fong had played in the days of the old Phantom Bar, but this was the first time at Links. They made the most of it with Kenny running second on 35 points and Henry in third with 33 points. For the second time in a week Greg Perfrement lost a countback and a podium finish. Next time, Greg.

There were prizes up for grabs on every hole. Without going to detail, there was a good mix of winners, some won two ( Torben, as mentioned )and also overall winner Bob Watson.

Touch Agogo is a much appreciated supporter of the Links Cup whereby they put forward a keg of beer for one of the prizes. Christian was absolutely thrilled when his non beer drinking partner New Satita  won the keg this time. I feel a visit to Touch coming on..

The lids were lifted on the Smorgasbord and there was plenty for everyone. As if the Apple Crumble wasn’t enough last time, now there was added Banana Cake with custard..We waddled off home late.


“A” Flight…..1st……Bob Watson ( 7)………………41 pts

2nd… ..Phil Davies (12)…………..39 pts

3rd……Jacob Cummings ( 7)………37 pts


“B” Flight……1st……Torben Lindgaard (25)…..36 pts

2nd……Kenny Chung (24)……..35 pts

3rd……Henry Wong (24)……….33 pts c/back


In the Photo is Bob Watson ( green jacket) Torben Lindgaard (R) and wearer of the “Wig”

Fred Tam.(L)All happy winners one way or another..


Pattaya Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”  From the    “Links” Bar and Hotel on Soi Buakhow.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming  games schedule.








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