Links Golf Society 03/05

PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…Burapha. “C and “D”…Wednesday..May 3


                           A Scramble at the Scramble


The 26th Links Cup at Burapha Golf Course was billed as a Texas Scramble rather than the usual Stableford.

52 players were on the start sheet on this Wednesday morning. We had booked and paid for 3 Mini Buses. As the deadline to leave for the course came around 7 of those had not appeared. In this age of advanced technology and communications, these people could not even manage a 20th century style telephone call or SMS to offer apologies for non  attendance. The final Bus left “Links Bar” after waiting until the last minute, with three passengers, thereby accruing a financial loss .

Two person teams had been set, handicaps calculated and starting positions known. Now a reshuffle had to be done at the first Tee,as we waited to see if any of those travelling in cars did not arrive. Happily, they all got there. The Course Marshall was anxious for us to start, so new team combinations were being done as they teed off. Then the excitable Marshall asked us to send one group ( why only one of 11?) to Tee off at D1. We did not.

Burapha was hosting a large Tournament on the day, using A and B nines. The C nine had been closed for renovation, but because of the above Tournament, they opened C. for us.

It was extremely clear they were never expecting anyone to be playing this Nine. Bunkers were used to store gravel, greens were partly re laid and heavily sanded, and workers with heavy machinery were having to stop and stand aside as we passed by.

The D course, thankfully, was up to Burapha standards.

One questions why we were not made aware of all of this before accepting our booking..

Obviously, we could then make other arrangements. TIT..

Oh! There was some golf played, by the way. As per any Links Cup, there were prizes on every hole, from cash to “Links” T shirts and free drinks, as well as the Keg of Beer from Touch Agogo. Suffice to say that one team cleaned up by taking 8 of those prizes.

There were some very good team scores turned in, considering the condition of the Course, the energy sapping weather and the reshuffling of the teams.

Playing this type of event can sometimes move at a rather slow pace, but full credit here. We were team 9 of 11 and , after the first 3 or 4 holes, never had to wait to tee off. Well done to those up front.

Having seen the names on the “Pins”  as we went we had a good idea which team might win overall. Not a surprise to see the brothers Chris and James Smith taking top spot with a net 62.25.

The team of Tommy Marshall and Maurice Roberts came a very close second to the Smith boys, netting a fine 63.25.  Alistair Gall and J.P Maffrey having a good day out finished with a net 64.80 and in 4th place was the team of Gary Bolger and Paul Glover.

The sticky hot weather must have taken it’s toll as not all made it back to “Links Bar” for the presentations. However, most did, and thoroughly enjoyed the excellently presented  Smorgasbord with a tasty array of foods. Did I miss the chips?

At the last month’s “Links Cup” I was disappointed because I was too slow to get to the Apple Crumble. Phil tonight gave me plenty of nudges to get there quickly. It may have taken a month , but to savour that Apple Crumble with hot Vanilla custard made my day.

Phil made the presentations in his usual jovial way, and then everyone drifted off into the night, eventually!!


Winning Team………….Chris Smith/James Smith (4)……………..62.25 net

2nd place…… ………..Tommy Marshall/ Maurice Roberts (5.75)………..63.25 net

3rd place………………Alistair Gall/ J.P Maffrey ( 8.15)… ………64.85net

4th place………………Gary Bolger/Paul Glover ( 8.25)………….65.75 net



Pattaya Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”  From the    “Links” Bar and Hotel on Soi Buakhow.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming  games schedule.

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