Ladies playing from Men’s Tees at Green Valley

Ladies playing from Men’s Tees at Green Valley

There are a few lady members who play regularly from Men’s Tees, mainly at Green Valley. It has continued for many years without too many problems but recently I have found ladies switching between Red and White tees, which will cause them to be playing off the incorrect handicap.

None of the White/Yellow Tee boxes in the current PSC website handicap system have been rated for ladies, resulting in the Men’s rating has been used. However, this is incorrect and has to change, particularly as the PSC is close to changing to the WHS (World Handicap System).

For example, at Green Valley, a Lady playing regularly from the white tees off a Handicap Index of about 12, should play the Red Tees off about 7, which of course would be a huge advantage over other competitors who play regularly from the Red tees.


The following changes have been made.

Starting with Green Valley, a Playing Handicap table has been posted on the website, which when using the WHS, will show everyone what their playing handicap will be, based on their Handicap Index and tee of the day. Using the table, ladies will see that they are still able to play from the white tee; off a similar playing handicap before this change, even though their Handicap Index, based on the Red Tee is considerably lower.

Your Handicap Index is based on the Red Tee. If you play from the White Tees, please check your playing handicap accordingly from the table to be found on this page. Some of you may see your Handicap Index change next Sunday 6th June 2021.

NOTE. In mixed tournaments, the WHS table should be used


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