Jomtien Club House 23/09

Plutaluang : The Don Day 


It started out as an iffy day. As I said in my post there are two types of rain in Thailand. There is rain you can golf in and there is rain that you can’t. Woke up this morning and it was rain you can’t. As it got closer to time to leave for the clubhouse it stopped. We left the The-Clubhouse Jomtien right at 0800 and we had both types of rain on our way to Plutaluang. Really did not look good for today. As we drove into the club drop off area it stopped raining. What the heck we are already there so away we went. The weather was cooperating with us for the most part. A little drizzle and one brief spurt where we hid in the kiosk. It was a good call to go out as it turned out all right.

The par 3 closest to the pins did not stand a chance today as Ken Price hit all three only to have one taken away by Don Smalley. It was an all or nothing day for most of us. You either shot like crap or lit it up. There were 2 bright spots today as Lloyd Armstrong shot an impressive 41 points today. Normally that would be a good score. Not today, that was only good for second place.

The round of the day went to Don Smalley who shot an impressive 81, one of his lowest rounds in a long, long time to take first place with an amazing 51 points. No one can recall anyone ever coming in with 51 points. He had his caddyshack day. It was just one of them days where everything went his way. Bounced one off the pump station into the bunker, chipped out and escaped with a boogie. That kind of day. Hit a tree and end up in the middle of the fairway. You have to be happy for him. We all know we have it in us to have a similar type round. That is why there is nothing better than “Golfing in Thailand”.

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