Jomtien Club House 20/09

An unusual day at Phoenix as our chief meteorologist was only partly successful. It was the first time hearing the siren blaring a lightning warning. Our caddies took the warning very seriously and immediately shuffled us off to a shelter. Within moments we did hear thunder. Did not seem to be that close but with lightning it is always better to err on the safe side. So after a 15 minute delay more due to the heavy rain cell passing we continued on our round. There turned out to be 2 rain delays which as most of you know is surprising rare. As many rounds of golf that we have played you can count on one hand the number of times we had to quit a round due to heavy rain. Just does not happen that often. By the same standard you can also count on one hand the number of times we cancelled a round due to rain.

Enough of the weather report. We had a nice group of 11 for today’s action. We welcomed a new golfer to the group. Welcome to Terry Fidone who played his first round with us. Hopefully he will continue his play with our group. We also lost a member who returned home after a bad experience of getting rolled and robbed by thugs on a motorbike.

Once again the pin hunters were successful as all 3 closest to the pins went.Ken Price taking a closest away from Terry Fidone on the second hole and Rob Kennedy and Tom Thompson each getting one for themselves.

As for the competition which turned out to only be a competition for second place Tom Thompson won second place on countback taking it away fromDon Smalley with 36 points. First place went to Suwana Smalley who ran away with first place with a very impressive 41 points. It was my good fortune to be playing in the same group as Suwana Smalley and watch her just make some incredible shots. I cannot say it enough how much of a pleasure it is to watch someone play when they are golfing as good as she was. Takes a little of the sting out when I myself was not having a great round. That is one thing about golf, even if your having a bad day, your day can be salvaged playing with someone who is playing rather well. It really shows that there is nothing better than “Golfing in Thailand”.



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