Jomtien Clubhouse 09/09

Today was another spectacular day out at Plutaluang. We are getting really spoiled as of late. The conditions overall have been off the chart. Even the most whiny golfer would have trouble finding something to complain about. We arrived a little early and after getting checked in and changed we were teeing it up ready to take on South and East. With four different courses it really is difficult to choose what combination is the best. Each course offers something different. The only complaint today was we caught up to a six ball. Just cannot understand the reasoning behind allowing six balls. It just completely bogs down the course. Fortunately when we caught them it was in a perfect spot to jump ahead and make the loop with very little delay.

As it was only two groups today we just put the shortest par 3 on each side into play for the closest to the pin. We are either getting better or luckier. Congratulations to Don Smalley and Ian Henry for taking a closest to the pin each. In the stableford competition second place went to Lawrence Immethun taking it away from Suwana Smalley on countback with 34 points. As for the first place finisher there was no doubt. Kudos go to Lloyd Armstrong with a very nice round of 39 clearly beating the rest of he field.

As we have started to play based on the course handicap there is no doubt that this is the way it should have been done. Although this is Thailand every effort is made to comply with and follow the rules. It has been long overdue to actually be playing IAW USGA’s rules. Hats off to Pattaya Sports Club for correcting this oversight. All of us believe the handicap system works and now playing course handicaps definitely has leveled the playing field. Just one more reason to prove that there is nothing better than “Golfing in Thailand”.


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