Jomtien Clubhouse 06/09

We started the day at the The-Clubhouse Jomtien with 13 golfers ready to take on Phoenix Gold Golf & Country Club. With everyone checked in, Ken Price arraigned everyone into their groups, ride and provided everyone their handicaps for the day. As everyone was on time or even a little early we were off 20 minutes early eager to take on the Lake and Ocean courses. At this point we all were having a really great golf day. All checked in and off and running the golf course soon showed us who was boss. Phoenix was in excellent shape with the greens being unusually mean. There were some tough pin placements and the greens were resisting any attempt to let us on. There were some terrific shots on only to have the green reject the shot and spit the ball back off. It is hard enough to hit the green under normal conditions, a little bitter to make what appears to be a nice shot on only to see it scoot away. That is golf.

Even though a tough day on the greens all 4 closest to the pins were awarded. Congratulations to Ken Price, Chuck Taylor, Manny and Alan for defying the odds and getting a shot to stick.

The competition had produced some respectable scores with Manny taking 3rd place being denied 2nd on count back. Don Smalley took 2nd place as he and Manny both carded 33 stableford points. 1st place will be no surprise for any of you who follow our group. It was a Suwana Smalley and Don Smalley show as Suwana took 1st place with 35 stableford points. She really is a pleasure to watch and even more fun to play against.

So as another day of golf is in the books the 12 handsome men defer to the young lady. Today was just one more example that there really is nothing better than “Golfing in Thailand”.

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