PLUTALUANG G.C. – 9th August, 2018.


Well what can I say, “Tony if you get the opportunity to read this, one can only hope that you got a chance to watch us yesterday.” “You would have been as proud as punch.” “Not of our Golfing ability but the turn out and the way it was played.” “A good turnout for today’s game and was played in the fashion that would have made you proud.”

So it was four buses and a small number of cars that transported our 36 golfers (nine groups) out to the course. We attacked the course from the Yellow tees a distance of around 6100 yds long enough for us. Playing North & West 9’s with North 6 being the hole that Tony passed away on!

Our Tee time was 10am but we were sent of a little earlier as we had nobody in front of us. And that remained for the day. The course was in great nick, the fairways were mowed to a good length, greens ran true and the bunkers were clean and raked. So all in all it was a good course to play on.

The draw for playing groups was conducted based on current PSC Handicaps, the nine lowest handicapped golfers were drawn as captains. These were the groups.

GROUP 1; Eric Black (capt), Greg Proctor, Shane Young & Ron Gillet.

GROUP 2; Dennis Steele (capt), John Coetzee, Rod Johnston & Patrick Poussier.

GROUP 3; Keith Buchanan (capt), Alex Field, Rod Massa & Bernie McCart.

GROUP 4; Steve Younger (capt), David Marshall, John Anderson & Wayne Johnston.

GROUP 5; Rudy Regenass (capt), Andy Zwart, Frank Riley & Dick Braimbridge.

GROUP 6; Peter MacDonald (capt), Rocky Lawson, Glenn Smith & Tony Campbell.

GROUP 7; Paul Hack (capt), Brendan Cope, Kevin Smith & Andrew Allen.

GROUP 8; Sal Brizzi (capt), Jayson Schembri, Ibraham Al-Ansari & Peter Grey.

GROUP 9; Martin Kempton (capt), Danny O’Leary, Wan Mukmall & John Druvens.


Winners from SPAGONI’S Day at Big Navy!

Near The Pin’s

N3 Group 9.

N6 Group 3.

W3 Group 5.

W8 Group 7.


Longest 1st Putt:

N9 Group 2.

W9 Group 2.

I Guess what we have to announce is the winners for today, what I will do is name the groups and the order they finished from first to last.

To top off what was a perfect day we had a draw for first place, the 2 groups involved could not be separated. We went back 9, last 6 first 3 and then we went to the front 9 last 6 then first 3. I am sure that advice will be offered in regards to working this thru. At the end of the day the decision was made and the organisers were happy with it as I am sure the winners were!

First was Groups 7 & 5.

Third was Group 6,

Then it was Group 8, Group 3, Group 2, Group 1, Group 9 and then came Group 4.

In the photo it was the group that played on the day as far as I am concerned they were all winners, the 36 that turned out to play.

After 18 holes of pain and suffering we sat down to the presentation that was not too long in the process and of course we then enjoyed a grouse serving of Curry Chicken served up by the girls! A great meal that was enjoyed by all!

Welcomes were too many and this has dragged on long enough, I have personally welcomed people as they have come be it golfers or not.

Resident charity hound, D-For gratefully received donations from the players and punters, they are all thanked for their continued contributions.

For serious golfing with a dash of fun, the Growling Swan welcomes golfers of all persuasions, be it young or old, male or female (even trans-gender). We generally play on Mondays and Thursdays at any one of the fine courses around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey for bookings or any information on 086 1503 086.





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