MOUNTAIN SHADOW – 31st of May, 2018.


Excitement was in the air, would have to say some were rather cocky whilst others sat and contemplated the day and what it will bring! Some were too hung over to talk.

Not a big field but a good size field to battle out the rights to take The Coveted Monthly Mug! Mountain Shadow was our destination and with the rain we have had we are expecting conditions to be good for the days play. Well we were not let down as the course was in top nick. The greens had been cored recently and that is the only fault that could be found with the course. (We do understand and appreciate that the Greens need to be done from time to time).

We were to play from the White tees and with carts on course there was no need for Lift Clean & Place. I have to say that in The Holding Area (waiting to Tee Off) the banter got a bit louder and in instances a little personal (all in jest of course) The mention of Money where mouth is had some good results.

One Division only with 4 placing’s, and all the novelties are in play! Conditions were Cherry Ripe so let’s say…….Game On!

Well it was Jockey (Shane Young) that got out of the blocks best, everything that he did turned to Gold. At the halfway mark he was streets ahead of his playing group and apart From Gordon Clegg he was showing most of the field a clean pair of heels! The Jock could not shake Gordon and as it turned out we went to The Count Back System to separate them.

Alex Field and Mashi finished third and fourth which was also decided by the Count Back System! I guess at the end of the day that’s the way we should end up, nice and close!


1st & May Monthly Mug Winner. Shane Young. (26) Net 70.

2nd Gordon Clegg (25) Net 70.

3rd Alex Field (19) Net 73.

4th Mashi Kaneta (14) Net 73.



5th Shane Young.

8th Alex Field.

15th Bill Steinmann.

17th Bill Steinmann.


Long First Putt:

9th Shane Young.

18th Mashi Kaneta.


Back at ‘The Swan’ it was like an old series of ‘Coodabeen Champions’ my god the stories gained a bit as the grog kicked in. We welcomed Dick, Wan, Niall and Chris Stephenson. We also bid farewell to an old mate heading back to Aussie for a few weeks Kissy (Keith) Buchanan. Good luck mate and travel safe, see you soon!

The only quiet time was when the food was served up, I guess with food in your mouth it’s hard to tell people just how well you played.

It was a good day that ended up a good night!

In the Photo from L to R; Todays Winner Shane Young and Runner up Gordon Clegg.

D-For was set free and collected from the golfers and the punters, it was good to see him after his visit to the Jungle, he looked refreshed and more than keen to  get amongst the punters!

The GS is a friendly golf outlet and welcomes golfers of all persuasions, male or female. We generally play on Mondays and Thursdays at any one of the fine courses around Pattaya. For some serious golf with a dash of fun, please contact Peter Grey for bookings or any information on 0861 503086.

Come and have a hit you will enjoy yourself!

MUG DAY is SPONSORED by STEVE YOUNGER, thanks Steve it is greatly appreciated!!!

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