PATTAVIA – THURSDAY 28th June 2018.


By: PRH Grey.


Thanks once again Steve for your very kind support, even “Sponsoring” us on a day you could not play! A Good Thing Steve thanks.


Twenty plus golfers filled 2 buses and numerous cars to turn out to compete for this month’s Monthly Mug. The enthusiasm was high as reports coming back to us were that even though there was a shortage of rain in the area, this course was in great shape. I can say that the feedback was a 100% correct, a great course in great shape (if you handle the greens)


Pattavia was our port of call, a very popular course with our golfers, as shown by the number of golfers that have ventured out to play this stroke event! As stated the course was in great nick and we attacked it from the White Tees. The weather was hot, however a light breeze prevailed which kept our playing conditions quite pleasant. I will not go on about it but all those who played made comments as to how well the course played, although scores did not reflect this.


It should be noted that Stu “Cassa” Rifkin, “I will never play this game again, Grey sell these clubs I’m heading down the beach for good”. Fuelled with alcohol he played the best game he has played in years. It just goes to show you that drinking isn’t a bad thing. (Please note that this outlet encourages responsible consumption of alcohol)


“A’ Flight saw Mashi Kaneta take the prize from Bill Steinmann, who had finished 6 shots behind him. Third past the post was back to form Denis Steele only 1 shot behind Buffalo Bill. ……. “B” Flight produced today’s Monthly Mug Winner! Gordon Clegg shot a 64 net to take out “B” Flight and The Mug, a well deserved win having recently broken the record here for Most Lost Count Backs. Well done Gordon we are all happy for you. Second was Stu Cassa Rifkin finding his new 19 H/C quite fitting. Third past the post was Shane “Jock” Young.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Buffalo Bill’s, I think, third hole par 5 Eagle. Buffalo you are a champ in more ways than one!


Results for Pattavia



A Flight.

1ST – Mashi Kaneta (14) 66 Net

2ND – Bill Steinmann (13) 72 Net

3RD – Denis Steele (15) 73 Net


B Flight.


2ND – Stuart Rifkin (19) 69 Net

3RD – Shane Young (26) 70 Net



4TH – Sal Brizzi

7TH – Gary Barker

13TH – Denis Steele

17TH – Roger Ellis


Long First Putt

9Th – Mark Walter

18TH – Allan Ray


In the photo from L to R:  Todays Winner Gordon Clegg with Stuart Rifkin and Rudy Regenass taking a peek over the top.


Back at the Swan we welcomed back Sal Brizzi and welcomed new comers Gary Barker, Kym Richardson, James Hudson, Jeff Holloway and Mark Walter.

The Jock paraded D-For our resident hound and collected numerous donations again for the needy youngsters of Pattaya and the golfers and the punters from The Swan are thanked once again. He is becoming quite good at this is our Donation Dog!


For some serious golf with a dash of fun, the Growling Swan welcomes golfers of all persuasions, be it male or female. We generally play on Mondays and Thursdays at any one of the fine courses around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey for bookings or any information on 0861 503086, or call in and put your name down.

An Apology.


I am sorry for the lateness of the golf presentation, I am sure that some people think that it was to do with The Swans v Richmond Game on tv. It had nothing to do with that at all. I was informed that 2 golfers who traveled out in cars were well and truly on their way back. Well that was not the case and of course I took them on good faith and waited.

As of today, presentations will not be any later than 5 pm, I do hope that you all understand!





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