The Growling Swan 27/07




Jimmy Olsen.



As it happened!


T’was a dozen egar golfers that headed out to That Ball Swallowing Course Parachat, all bus chatter was about the amount of balls that could be lost on the day. There was no mention of the rain we had had and wether or not carts would be allowed on course. It was all about The Balls

We took the course on with Gay Abandon and on the first Tee we all reverted back to balls in water, with 2 water crossings on the first tee the game changed. Not sure as to how many balls were lost but there were a few! This became the way of things for some golfers that could not keep away from the water!

Can’t say the course was in good nick as all talk was about the water and how they would play the course next time. Well we are not booked there for August but we may surprise a few by throwing it in September

It was Glenn Smith yet again who returned with 33 points, not sure as to how many balls went to the water gods but he found a way to get back with the best score. Following him in was his playing partner Steve a further 2 shots behind.

Results for Parachat

1st Glenn Smith (26) 33 points.

2nd Steve Younger (13) 31 points.



2 D-For.

6 Peter Bricknell.

11 Lorraine Percy.

14 Glenn Smith

Long First Putt.

9 Alex Field

18 Alex Field.

Back at The Growling Swan we welcomed Peter Bricknell and Gary Williams. No Farewells required.

The GS is a “friendly” golf outlet and caters for and encourages all golfers, young and old, male or female to have a hit on any of our weekly outings. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays at one of the many fine golf courses in and around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey if you are interested in playing on 0861 503086


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