Growling Swan 25/3

Today’s winner Alex Field with Sean Millar.




GREENWOOD G.C. – 25th March, 2019.

PRH Grey.


“Alex leads The Magnificent Seven to the winners circle.”  

Only seven, I am at a loss our numbers are up and down I guess if you look at things in general Pattaya is quiet, maybe Songkran is keeping the people that come after Xmas thru till Easter away! Food for thought!

Greenwood Golf Course is the destination for today’s game, I believe that this course is one of the better in our region. Always in tip top condition, it’s as if they are show casing this to us. Vouchers have finished but going on “Low Season Rates” pricing for this course is quite good!.

Still the price we pay and what we get for our money is excellent and that is why we keep going back!.

Something very unusual took place as we arrived at the course, the rains hit us and I mean it really came down, We decided to have a coffee and see what and or how long it takes to clear. After a short delay of about 45 min. we were ready to hit the course, not many on the course so we were allowed by the starter to proceed. We attacked from the Yellow Tees (given the rain and what we thought would stop any chances of the ball running) and courses C & B in that order. As you would expect the rain was good for the course and did not upset our game. Weather turned out quite good!

The Course was in good nick, as you would expect nothing other than that from this venue. Fairways were in great shape the greens played true but a little slow, bunkers clean and raked.

We would play One Flight only with the winner only, the golf club kicked in so all novelties were up for grabs!

Returning to the winners circle for the first time in a little while was Captain Alex Field his 36 points was enough to put him out in front by a couple of points.


TODAYs WINNER from Greenwood.

1st Alex Field (17) 36 pts.



C3 No Body

C6 The Viper

B2 No Body

B5.The Boxer



C9 Takeshi Hakozaki

B9 Sean (Hat Trick) Millar


In the photo we have from L to R; today’s winner Alex Field with Sean Millar. You will notice that Sean is wearing “The NAGA” cap I explained to Sean that it stands for Normally A Grade A golfer. He was pleased to wear it!

I would like to point out that Sean Millar came into The Swan on Sunday night to take his name from Mondays play list as his back was playing up. In conversation I suggested to him to sleep on it and see how he feels in the morning, and like the trouper that he is he arrived and was ready to play! Well done Sean!

Back at the Swan we welcomed back Bruce Walters, Stapo, The Viper & Mark Stapleton. (The last 3 are the same person) We then bid a fond farewell to Dave Maw heading back to The UK, we normally do not mention players unless they have played on the day but in Daves case he could not play but did interrupt his busy Schedule to come and have a few beers and say goodbye to the guys. We wish you a safe journey Dave and we will catch up again.

D-For rang in sick again today, but to Bruce Walters thanks mate the money you gave me will go to D-for on his return, very decent of you mate! D-For says thanks,

For serious golfing with a dash of fun, the Growling Swan welcomes golfers of all persuasions, be it young or old, male or female. We generally play on Mondays and Thursdays at any one of the fine courses around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey for bookings or any information on 086 1503 086.


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