The Growling Swan 22/01

Plutaluang – 22nd JANUARY, 2015



Putaluang South and East nines were the chosen destinations for the ‘Growlers’ on Thursday. Bill Steinman brought his bagpipes and unmatching apparel and Mike Gosden brought his humour. Mike declared he would shoot his age if he lived to 105. Greetings were extended to Colm Mullen (Ireland) and Brad Green (Melbourne, Aust). Farewells were later given to Robert Allen, Ernie Picken and Brad Green. Brad was a first-time golfer in Pattaya and learnt so many things – how to suffer for instance!.
The course was busy with the usual riff raff and as per the recent norm, the weather was coolishly warm. This scribe considers the greens have held up really well with the constant heavy traffic, but the gnarly lies on the crabgrass fairways took their toll on most of the field. Only Mike Gosden played to his handicap.

Russell Calcutt didn’t do too well, so much so, that when he spotted his caddie chuckling quietly, he took a swipe at him and missed. It took Russell 19 years to score a 100 and he did it today in 4 hours.
Count-backs were the order of the day. Mike topped Mark Stapleton (16-14 back 9), Sal Brizzi snuck past Sandy Leiper (18-17 back nine) and Kevin Waycott pipped Colm Mullen and Don Richardson for 5th. The coveted Compass Cap was gleefully accepted by Russell as he needed a new ball.

1st Mike Gosden (15) 36 pts
2nd Mark Stapleton (22) 36 pts
3rd Sal Brizzi (7) 35 pts
4th Sandy Leiper (30) 35 pts
5th Kevin Waycott (10) 34pts


East 2 Sal Brizzi
East 5 Kurt Persson
South 13 Sal Brizzi
South 16 Bill Steinman

Long Putt: 9th Robert Allen, 18th Kevin Waycott
Compass Cap: Russell Calcutt (17 pts)
Deefa (our charity collector mutt) snaffled many donations and the players are thanked for their continued generosity. The donations go to the needy children of Pattaya.
Back at ‘The Swan’ Mike continued in good form. His doctor had told him to play 36 holes a day, so he was heading out to buy a harmonica.

on the left is Mike Gosden the winner and on the right Russell Calcutt who collected The Coveted Compass Cap

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