Growling Swan 19/7

THURSDAY 19th July 2018

Pattana Golf Course – Stableford. 

By PRH Grey.
Alex Blitz’s the Field!


It was eleven golfers that took the journey to Pattana Golf Course. Not a course that we get to too often but never the less yet another fine course. Yes we are taking advantage of the discount pricing!
The course was in great shape and apart from “No Carts on Course” you would not be aware of the fact that we have had plenty of rain. Weather was perfect for the day, not too hot with a bit of a breeze, although looking at the back of one golfers head you would have thought that it was a full on sunny day!

I was told by an astute golfer that this Course was the next step up from Burapah, having not played the course I cannot give an opinion on this. Listening to today’s golfers there were few complaints regarding the course.

We played courses B & C from the yellow tees also we did play “Pick, Clean and Place.” As stated the fairways were great, greens were true and it was all in order, all you had to do was play!

With a small field we were to play one division only with two placing’s.

It was Alex Field that got out of the blocks, it appeared that his nemeses for the day was to be his playing partner Jayson Schembri. Round the home turn with the finish line in sight Alex (1 shot up) duffs it off the tee leaving a clear run for Jayson to the finish line!


Winners from Pattana.
1st Alex Field (19) 38 pts.
2nd Jayson Schembri (20) 37 pts.

Near the Pins.
B3 Mark Stapleton
B7 Bruce Walters
C2 Alex Field.
C7 Steve Younger.

Long First Putt.
9th Alex Field
18th Mashi Kaneta


Our host welcomed back Jayson Schembri, Bruce Walters, Greg Proctor & Graeme Dunn. No farewells required!

The GS is a “friendly” golf outlet and caters for and encourages all golfers, young and old, male or female to have a hit on any of our weekly outings. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays at one of the many fine golf courses in and around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey if you are interested in playing on 0861 503086.

Next week we will be introducing a new sponsor to The Growling Swan, and will take the opportunity to thank Steve Younger for his support over the last 18 months. Steve sponsored us thru a period whilst we were looking for a sponsor! He will continue to play with us and his support is greatly appreciated.

Thursday the 9th of August is the Tony “SPAGONI” Memorial game to be played at Big Navy that being the course that he left us from. Please come and join us as we would hate for the numbers to dwindle!


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