It was “MASHI” and the “JOCK” that regin supreme.


It was twenty golfers that lined up today to have a crack at Eastern Star Golf Course. Mixed reports have filtered back to us over the last month or so, as to how the course is, no better way to find out than to get there and try it out. So here we are!

Well they are doing a “Reno Job” on the club house, a little inconvenient but at the end of the day we are there to play golf and the rest is insurmountable. Back to the golf, our 4 groups teed off earlier than the scheduled 10 am. Did not see any other golfers on the course till very late in our game. We attacked from the yellow tees and invoked Lift, Clean & Place. The reason for that was rain was threatening, fortunate for us was that it did not arrive.

The course was in tip top shape there was nothing that you could ask for everything was cherry ripe. Fairways were great, bunkers were raked (I noticed that in our 4 the caddies were right on to raking the bunkers) something that does not happen at every course. The Greens were true but deadly, a lot of discussion after the game was the amount of 3 and 4 putts that were used.

Two Flights today the numbers are up so, A-Flight was 0 to 25 B-Flight was 26+.

A-Flight saw the ever reliable and consistent Mashi Kaneta take first place on the podium with 35 points. Second past the post was Alex Field with Wan Makmul filling the third placing. B-Flight saw Shane Young take out first place with a game high 37 points (Good game, good score) Second past the post was Paul Rosbrook with Patrick Poussier taking out third place.


Results for Eastern Star

A-Flight 0 to 25.

1st Mashi Kaneta (13) 35 points

2nd Alex Field (19) 34 points

3rd Wan Makmul (25) 33 points


B-Flight 26 plus.

1st Shane Young (26) 37 points

2nd Paul Rosbrook (32) 35 points

3rd Patrick Poussier (29) 34 points


Near Pins.  

3rd Don Richardson.

6th Brendan Cope.

13th Brendan Cope.

17th Denis Steele


Long First Putt

9th Alex Field.

18th Don Richardson.

In the photo we have Mashi Kaneta with Shane Jockey Young. “Today’s Winners”

Back at the Swan we welcomed a longtime friend of mine Jarrod Rosbrook, mate we hope you enjoyed the day and the company of our golfers, take care and we hope to see you again real soon!

D-for was again in full flight collecting for the under privileged in Pattaya. D-for is regarded as one of the best charity collectors for golf in the Pattaya region. All the punters at The Swan are thanked for the generosity they show.

The GS is a friendly golf outlet and caters for and encourages all golfers male and female to have a hit at any of our weekly outings. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays at one of the many fine golf courses in and around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey if you are interested on 0861 503086.

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