Growling Swan 11/9


It was Mashi that comes in Best!

It was thirteen golfers that had decided to venture out to Emerald GC. Emerald is a course that can be in perfect condition or can be longing for a bit of TLC. This course can also be priced on the right side of the ledger.

Playing from the white tees we set out to enjoy, the weather was on our side so it looked like we were in for a good days golf. As it turned out the course left a bit to be desired. The greens had been freshly sanded and the rough was the rough it appeared that it had not been trimmed back for some time.

With not many golfers on the course it was a surprise to us that a group of 6 golfers were slotted in on hole 10 in front of our first group. As being a 6 baller they slowed down our golfers which had an affect on al  our groups. We mentioned on the completion of the days game, we were told that that was bad luck! Well we will react by not playing golf at that course for some time!

It was Mashi Kaneta that returned the best score for the day, his return of 40 points was enough to give him first place. Second place went to the count back with Walter Baechhli just tipping Steve Younger out of second spot.

Results for Emerald

1ST – Mashi Kaneta (16) 40 pts

2ND – Walter Baechhli (16) 34 pts.

3RD – Steve Younger (12) 34 pts


5TH – Homma

7TH – Mashi Kaneta

13TH – Mashi Kaneta

17th  -Denis Steele

Long First Putt

9Th – Mashi Kaneta

18TH – Alex Field

In the photo is todays winner Mashi Kaneta.

We welcomed back JJ Harney and Walter Baechhli.

D-For our resident hound collected donations again for the needy youngsters of Pattaya and contributors are thanked once again. He is becoming quite good at this is our Donation Dog!

For some serious golf with a dash of fun, the Growling Swan welcomes golfers of all persuasions. We generally play on Mondays and Thursdays at any one of the fine courses around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey for bookings or any information on 0861 503086.

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