The Golf Club 5/10



TGC write up for 2nd – 5th Oct.

Steve Ellison


One-two for Wood.


Monday 2nd – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Mark Wood (11) 38 points

2nd – Jeff Acheson (10) 34 points

3rd – Fred Birch (14) 31 points


Lots and lots of very heavy rain this week made for most courses in rough condition as the greenskeepers just couldn’t get the mowers out.



Our first two groups made it through and the last lads showed it pays to have patience this time of year. On most days, a rain delay of 45 minutes to an hour is not uncommon so just hang in there and usually those clouds will let the sun break through.


Mark Wood has seen worse than this in bonny Scotland but a strong 38 was a great result in these conditions. Jeff and Fred also made the most of it and took second and third today. Mr. Ferris, aka the Postman, took the near pin.



Thursday 5th – Silky Oaks – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Jeff Acheson (10) 39 points

2nd – J.P. Thomas (33) 35 points

T-3rd –Gary Emmett (15) 34 points

T-3rd –Kevin Peggs (17) 34 points


We actually got rained out on Tuesday which is a shame as we had Phoenix Gold on the menu. Today started out with a bit of drizzle but ended up quite nice and sunny. The chatter at the bar was the 15th hole. It is now changed back as before and to the cheers of everyone.


Jeff Acheson took the day as well as our Caddy Smile near pin for a great day out.


Friday 6th – Emerald – Stableford – Yellow Tees

1st – Jim Brackett (6) 39 points

2nd – Mark Wood (10) 32 points

3rd – Kevin Peggs (17) 29 points


It was another wet and mucky day of golf and two thirds of the field threw in the towel after 9 holes and went for the 19th hole option. Fairways and rough were long and frustrating but surprisingly the greens were just fine.


Shooting a 39 out there today was quite an achievement and that got Jim Brackett top spot today. Your Monday winner Mark Wood took sole second with Kevin Peggs on the third tier. Steven Bradley claimed near pin but could not convert for the two, saving yours truly a free drink poker chip!


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