The Golf Club 30/05

Monday 30th – St. Andrews – Monthly Medal – White Tees

1st – Kenny Aihara (5) 77 net

2nd – Peter Thomas (17) 77 net

3rd – Fred Graham (16) 77 net

4th – Micky Beresford (21) 77 net


Fred Graham, medal winner Kenny Aihara and Yasuo Sakai.

It was a very sad week here at The Golf Club as we mourned the passing of a great friend, Miss Aumporn Prakai. Khun Aum was only 46 and fit as a fiddle, which made her loss such a tragedy. Khun Aum was part of the family here and will be forever missed.

There was a tournament at our regular venue of Green Valley today, so we were happily shifted over to St. Andrews for a change. This would make for a most interesting Monthly Medal and the results were the closest we have ever had. Four of our finest were to shoot 77 net so we referred to the countback system for the winning score.

The golf course was in great condition as were a few of the players this morning. After a few café latte’s we were perked up enough to set off for the course and our 9:27 tee time. Weather conditions were also perfect as an overcast sky gave welcome relief from the heat. Visiting from Japan, Yasuo Sakai was the near pin winner today on that long par-3 17th hole.

The stroke play contest was a tight one and a foursome at 77 were to have their cards reviewed for the countback. When the results were in, it was to be another victory for the inimitable Ken Aihara. Ken won last month as well, and today’s win makes him our best medal golfer with 6 victories under his very small belt. His wardrobe of Antigua TGC shirts must be the best in town!

Tuesday 31st – Silky Oaks – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Phil Smedley (16) 45 points

2nd – Corey Cusatis (20) 43 points

3rd – Peter Thomas (17) 38 points

This relatively new Silky Oaks track is becoming increasingly popular as we all get used to the layout and the condition of the course has now stabilized to a very high level. The elevation changes are a beautiful aspect of the design and the sneaky corner cutting drives on a couple of the holes give the locals a tricky advantage. The crazy short 11th is a dinky curiosity that remains 85 yards of trouble. All and all this track is a fun challenge for every ability.

Let’s start off with Peter Thomas, playing very consistently lately and possibly thinking a 38 may be good enough for the win (normally, it might be). Or how about a dry hankie for Corey Cusatis? Corey must have had the winnings already spent with a 43 on the card…and who could blame him? All it takes is one bloke to spoil the party, and the deadly Smedley returns with a vengeance to card a 45 point round. This was Phil’s best ever round in Thailand and will not be beaten any time soon. The Captain had a 21 on the front with a blistering back nine 24 to be a poor host and s#ndb@&in* M*_#erf*@^er to total 45 Stableford points. Well played Phil, let’s look at that handicap next week!

The last par-3 near pin was won by visiting John Haberski. We are contributing half of the money raised here to our Caddy Smile programme which has now helped over a dozen ladies with their dental issues. Please see our facebook page for updates.

Friday 3rd – Laem Chabang – Stableford – White Tees            

1st – Dale Shier (12) 38 points

2nd – Mark Wood (7) 37 points

T -3rd – Peter Thomas (17) 36 points

T -3rd – Yasuo Sakai (11) 36 points

During the month of June, every weekday is a Sports Day here at Laem Chabang. We scheduled our event for Friday knowing the course would be wide open and it was. The easy drive back was also a bonus, beating that Friday rush hour. We were assigned the A and B nines to the relief of many, and the condition of the course was just about perfect.


Yasuo, winner Dale Shier with Jimmy Brackett and Mark Wood

Our colourful buddy Walter Baechli was the winner of the near pin today. Another golfer to note was Peter Thomas who was on the podium every contest this week. Peter has been on form for the last few months and I don’t expect any less of him in the future, so be warned! Mark Wood had a 40 at Green Valley last week and was in the frame again, but this time just shy of a winning score.

Story of the day was Mr. Shier, for a change. Dale has been playing less golf lately and spending more time with the family and his son Worcester. The lad is 16 months old now and unlike daddy, very quick on his feet. Or is that Ryder? Anyway, Dale done good out there and shooting 20 on the front with a decent 18 on the back made for a quite comfortable victory, thank you very much. It could have been even better had he not panicked when he saw the water on the par-5 to drown 2 balls in the lake and walked off with a blob. Nice going Khun Dale!

Thanks to all who joined us this week, we hope you had a great time on the course!

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