The Golf Club 29/9

Gary grabs the gold!

Gary Emmett wins his first!

Monday 25th – Green Valley – Monthly Medal – White Tees

1st – Gary Emmett (15) net 68 (cb)

2nd – Jarreporn Thomas (32) net 68

3rd – Jack Grindvold (5) net 68


So it’s not just us. Every bar in town is hurting as the slowest low season in ten years continues. Pattaya has seen huge drops in visitor numbers, despite of what you might read from the government and we have seen many businesses close. We are a bit lucky having a golfcentric clientele, but are just keeping our head above water when things would normally be getting busy by now.


The far simpler and enjoyable game of golf changes little, so here is the tale of how we did last week. Green Valley has been on a cull for palm trees. There must have been a bounty on the heads of every tree out there as we saw devastation of 30 year old trees done with little thought. Hundreds were felled. The course was in great condition, no doubt, but would be far more scenic if those beautiful palms remained.


The argument is chopping down coconut palms is safer than having them fall on you head. Why then do you not harvest them and sell at the drinks stands for 40 baht x 100 per day = 4,000 baht x 30 days = 120,000 baht profit per month off of free and healthy stock. Seems like a no-brainer to me.


Today was our Monthly Medal which always creates a buzz for braggin’ rights. This is the time to pounce as low season (and I do mean low) only brought out 4 groups making for much better odds than a comp in January!


That said, it ended up being a very close one indeed and we had a 3 way tie at a net 68, so a countback it was. The final trio was Jareeporn Thomas, Jack Grindvold and Gary Emmett. All were even and Jack had the advantage with our Caddy Smile near pin. After the 6 hole countback, it was Gary Emmett with the win and well deserved it was. This is Gary’s first star, so watch out Kenny, he will have that yellow Antigua on for the next comp!


Tuesday 26th – Eastern Star – Stableford – White Tees


1st – Al Marumoto (11) 32 points

2nd – Greg Gawron (16) 24 points

3rd – Yukitter Taw (12) 21 points


This has actually been a surprisingly dry September this year and

most rain has come at night. It was beautiful weather here today, uncrowded and in gorgeous condition. This Robert Trent Jones Jr. course has never looked better.


We only had a couple of groups out today which was surprising. You really should get out here as it is hard to beat for value and experience.


Yes, it is a tough challenge, but Al Marumoto rose to the occasion and walked away with a win on 32 with low scores the order of the day.

Double winner Al Marumoto


Wednesday 27th – Siam Waterside – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Al Marumoto (11) 38 points

2nd – Mike Ryan (27) 31 points

3rd – John Walsh (21) 29 points


This is the best golf course in town at the moment, and playing here is a real treat. There was absolutely nothing to complain about and the guys all raved about this five-star golfing experience at wonderful Waterside.


It was deja-vu all over again as Al Marumoto motored on for his second win in a row. Mike Ryan and buddy John Walsh teamed up for a solid 2-3 on the podium and Ryan also scored the near pin! Guess those new clubs were worth the money Mike?


Friday 29th – Khao Kheow A&C – Stableford – Yellow Tees

1st – Greg Gawron (18) 36 points

2nd – Franjo Blazevic (3) 32 points

3rd – Mitch Black (11) 26 points


Seems like the B track here has been closed for ages so when it does finally open, it should be something special. No problem playing the A and C tracks as the course is in great shape anyway. It was another fine day weather wise and we got away with another round of dry play for the most part.


We haven’t seen Mitch in a few months and Franjo is back from Phuket but neither could match our Aussie mate Greg Gawron who had an easy ride to the podium pinnacle. Not only that, but Greg got the near pin and the birdie as well! Do I owe you a drink mate?


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