The Golf Club 28/04

TGC write up for 24th – 28th April

Steve Ellison


Great going for Gary!

Monday 24th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Gary Emmett (16) 39 points

T-2nd – Peter LeNoury (14) 36 points

T-2nd – Aki Yamamoto (21) 36 points


First off, some breaking news about a new course…well, sort of. The old Great Lakes – Rayong C.C. has now reopened after a years’ closure and rebranded King’s Naga. Not on our May schedule, we will sneak out there for a quick round and report on the changes in the next few weeks! I sure hope we have some good news, ‘cause it’s such a short drive!


Well shiver me timbers and blow me down, Green Valley is still open! My confidential sources tell me the course has a couple of private tournaments being held in early June and coring scheduled for the 12th of June so it seems to be business as usual for the time being. That said, right now RGV is in great shape!


We are still getting good numbers and the turnout today gave us 4 groups on the first tee. Weather has been a bit dodgy of late, but today was OK, the threats of rain never materialised.


Peter (The Machine) LeNoury can’t wait to get back to Guernsey and put the pedal to the metal of his new Audi, but that won’t be for another 2 weeks. Till then he is stuck with us, and today takes second place with Aki Yamomoto at 36.


Chicken dinner goes to Gary Emmett who had a very boring round of consistent golf shots with 19 on the front and 20 on the back which, according to my calculations, adds up to a whopping 39 on the Richter Scale. Our buddy, newlywed Freddy Birch, claimed near pin but alas, ended with a mere par. Not to worry Fred, you saved me a poker chip.


Tuesday 25th – Phoenix Gold – Monthly Medal – White Tees

1st – Aki Yamamoto (21) net 69

2nd – Graham Eldridge (16) net 69

3rd – Kenny Aihara (6) net 70


Mountain and Ocean were the links of choice today and we were all quite happy to avoid Lakes. Sorry, but that’s the way it is and the redesign is not met with the approval of the people’s court.


What we played was in great nick and all was good at check-in this time as we have found that Tuesday’s are 1,550 all in through the summer. That is good value for this course, and the pound is even hitting 44.5!


Kenny could only manage third place today but also came through with the near pin to help our Caddy Smile project. It was a showdown with Graham Eldridge and Aki Yamomoto for the Medal honours and it came to a countback. Sorry Graham, it was not your turn this April and Aki Yamomoto takes our Antigua shirt back to the Land of the Rising Sun.


Thursday 27th – Pattavia Century – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Sean Hastings (18) 36 points

T-2nd – Phil Smedley (13) 35 points

T-2nd – Frank Tordeur (20) 35 points


What great condition Pattavia was today, the lads were raving about how lush and green it was and the greens were actually fair today! You cannot fault the layout, and with hot but acceptable weather (if you had a cart) the round was just about perfect.


This is a far cry from what this golf course looked like before Chang Breweries bought it some 4 years back and converted it to the little gem it is today. Here at TGC, we are hoping this is what will happen to the aforementioned King’s Naga.


Now to the comp, and we find two blokes on 35 with the names Frank Tordeur and Phil Smedley. They had to split the dosh for second for all their efforts walking through this sweltering heat.


Sean Hastings has spent a lot of time skiing Colorado and California much like myself, so we are from the same planet, which is much like your Earth. I wish I was more laid back like Sean is, because that attitude does not let anything fluster you on the golf course and today he waltzed off as the 36 point winner. So cool and mellow, Mr. Hastings also danced his way to the Caddy Smile near pin! Nice shootin’ dude!


Friday 28th – Khao Kheow A & B – Stableford – Tees 6,300

1st – Frank Tordeur (20) 39 points

T-2nd – Phil Smedley (13) 33 points

T-2nd – Mark Wood (10) 33 points


Once again, the boys get off the bus had nothing but rave reviews. Khao Kheow looks to be in perfect condition as usual, they must give their greenskeepers a rise as the crew here has done an excellent job all year. We are so quick to complain when things are bad (and rightly so) but this course has a great track record of being in beautiful condition.


Four groups turned up for the comp which is a nice number for Capt. Phil to work with. We were assigned the A & B tracks of this lovely Pete Dye course and that seemed to suit our Belgian Bud Frank Tordeur just fine. Frank literally blew away the field with a six stroke win and we are talking about guys who have played this place 100 times.


33 was all Capt. Phil and Mark Wood could muster from 18 of Khao Kheow’s finest holes so let’s not even look at what the rest had on their card. At least Phil had some consolation by taking the near pin, albeit from 28 feet away that he was just happy to 3 putt for par!


Thanks for your support guys, and keep it in the fairway!


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