The Golf Club 27/06

Nice Shot, Kenny!

Monday 27th – Green Valley –Monthly Medal – White Tees

1st – Kenny Aihara (4) net 69

T 2nd – Corey Cusatis (21) net 70

T 2nd – Steve Wentford (15) net 70

4th – Walter Baechli (15) net 71

First of all I must tell you of our upcoming trip to Kabinburi on the 19th and 20th as we return to the Kabinburi Sports Club for 2 rounds of golf and will spend the night at a brand new hotel, the Serenity, that looks fantastic. Drop by for details and to sign up please.

Larger numbers this week for Green Valley saw 3 full vans roar up the 36. Speaking of vans, we now have that True in-car 4G WiFi installed so it is free to stay connected when riding in our TGC van!


An unprecedented 7th Monthly Medal for Kenny “Nice Shot” Aihara, amazing!

The course was in good shape for our Monthly Medal and we had 20 golfers hoping to win the Antigua shirt for the June contest. Our last par-3 near pin was won by David Outhred to put him to 12 feet. Walter Baechli needed a couple of more putts to drop, but had to settle for 4th today. A net 70 was the number for Steve Wentford and Corey Cusatis who tied for 2nd place.

Kenny Aihara was the Monthly Medal winner once again, and this is his third in a row! We have never had a golfer play with us with such consistency and while we have had a few 3 and 4 star winners, Kenny is by far the leader with this, his seventh win! We joke about it, but “Nice shot, Kenny” is what you hear every hole played with Mr. Aihara. Kenny is heading back to Japan next week for his usual summer of surfing…and letting the other guys finally have a chance until November rolls around!

Tuesday 28th – Treasure Hills – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Peter Thomas (18) 33 points

2nd – David Outhred (19) 32 points

3rd – Michael Otterman (18) 29 points

We have not been here in ages and I am scratching my head as to why. We are so spoiled for choice here in Pattaya you sometimes forget a little gem like Treasure Hill. This is one of the harder golf courses on the Eastern Seaboard and just about every hole has trouble on the left and right. That said, most of us really enjoyed the course today even though the scoring was on the low side. You need to bring food with you out here as the drinks stands were just that and not even a banana was to be found.

To be honest, I have not played here in at least a year; what was I thinking? The place is lush, good fairways, reliable greens and of course a lovely layout. Did I mention the rate of a mere 1,000 baht got you green fee, caddy and buggy? There were half a dozen blokes playing here for the first time and to a man, were very happy to have had this experience. First timer Peter Thomas was absolutely raving about Treasure Hill…well OK, he did end up the winner!

For the placing’s, Richie McGhee found his ball snuggled up closer to the pin than anyone else to capture the near pin honours on the par-3 that’s right after that crocodile hole par-5. Michael Otterman was third with 29 points on the card (I told you this was a hard course!) and our near pin winner from yesterday had a 32 to claim second spot, David Outhred. Winner winner chicken dinner goes to the aforementioned Peter Thomas and his card of 33. Nice, steady and down the middle is the recipe for success at this course, so kudos to Pete (and JP)!

Thursday 30th – Pattavia Century – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Manfred Hanke (28) 40 points

2nd – Bob Mulholland (9) 38 points

T 3rd – Andrew Chapman (6) 37 points

T 3rd – Jimmy Dundon (15) 37 points

We have been big fans and supporters of Pattavia since Chang Breweries bought it, closed it and renovated it 4 years ago. We were playing here even before the new clubhouse was built and absolutely loved the track, and still do. Just take a look at the PSC golf bar playlist and you will find Pattavia played by just about everyone these days.

The course was in great shape, we had a perfect day with overcast skies keeping the temperature down, and just a 5 minute sprinkle on the 15th gave us more welcome relief. If they could only get a few more benches in the locker room it would be perfect!

Jimmy Dundon is back with us now and his first day out saw him in fine form with 37 points, just like riding a bike, eh Jim? I was fortunate enough to play with the next 2 golfers on the ladder, and both long hitting Andrew and smooth swinging Bob were neck and neck till the 18th. In the end it was Andrew and partner John buying us Chang’s back in the restaurant so thanks to Bob for carrying me! Today’s top spot went to Manfred Hanke with a terrific 40 pointer, no easy task on these greens!


Thanks to all who joined us this week for another great week of amazing golf in the Kingdom.

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