The Golf Club 26-30/09

Perseverance and patience pay off!

Monday 26th – Pattana – Monthly Medal – White Tees

1st – Mark Wood (9) 73 net

2nd – Sugar Robertson (7) 74 net

3rd – Dale Shier (13) 80 net

Looking at the weather maps, there was little chance we would get through the day without some precipitation. There was a huge front covering most of South East Asia and not much we could do about it. Oh well, at least it’s a warm soaking.

We went to Pattana today instead of our usual venue of Green Valley as the coring and sanding operation was still ongoing. Pattana was in great condition for the first few holes and then the rains came. Fortunately, there are gorgeous clubhouse facilities to take shelter in.

There was only one group of hardy souls to actually wait things out and finish. The Scottish & English 3-ball are accustomed to a bit of rain. Not letting the weather dampen their spirits, they stole the podium places with their patience.

Mark Wood earned his 4th Monthly Medal star (watch out Kenny!) and chose our pink Antigua golf shirt for the embroidery. Woody’s net 73 was a great score under those conditions. Sugar Robertson kept up the pace with a 74 and Dale Shier added to the trio with his 80 on the day. Ironically, these 3 guys were all on a golf holiday in Scotland 6 weeks back and never saw a drop of rain!


Tuesday 27th – Bangpra – Stableford – White tees

1st – Mark Wood (9) 35 points

T – 2nd – Corey Cusatis (24) 31 points

T – 2nd – Dale Shier (13) 31 points

The Monkey Course was living up to its name as one of the alpha males managed to nick a pack of fags from the buggy of a frantic Butch. The caddies were without their usual slingshots, so provided little defense from the primates but still managed to get his smokes back! It pays to be a non-smoker out here.

The course was in very good condition and we had a good field of 16 golfers all ready to go. We have not been here as much as we should so it was a very much anticipated outing that went smoothly and enjoyed by all. Especially Mark Wood! Sugar Robertson had a good time as well and took the win on the 17th par-3 near pin, which is a long one.


This was Markies third win in a row, having won our medal yesterday and also at Emerald last Friday. How long can this purple patch continue? Corey and Dale tried to interrupt Woods’ progress but ties with 31’s on the card were not good enough. Good going Mr. Wood!

Thursday 29th – Silky Oaks – Stableford – White Tees

T -1st – Rusty Barfield (6) 39 points

T -1st – Phil Smedley (14) 39 points

T – 3rd – Corey Cusatis (22) 34 points

T – 3rd – John Furneaux (8) 34 points

The hills and valleys of Silky Oaks were chosen for our comp today as 4 groups piled into the vans for the journey out. The course was in good shape and held up well to those super heavy rains we have been having. We are still under a lift, clean and place policy that we believe is correct for these rainy couple of months.

It was an easy day for Phil and scoring as two sets of ties topped the podium. 34 points were on the card for Corey Cusatis and John Furneaux after a tough old slog around the track. Five strokes up were the duo at 39, with Phil Smedley matching Rusty Barfield. Rusty begins his 2 week stint in style with this initial appearance for todays’ comp. Not bad for just getting off the plane Rustbucket!

Thank you for your support of The Golf Club, and keep it in the fairway!


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