The Golf Club 24/11


Robbie Taylor’s a fine win!

Monday 20th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Andy Makara (31) 42 points

T-2nd – J.P. Thomas (24) 41 points

T-2nd – Bob Mulholland (7) 41 points

T-2nd – Peter Thomas (22) 41 points

5th – Butch Furneaux (12) 39 points


The greens were fast out at Green Valley today, even with a light mist for the first few holes. Yes, there is still rain about in November as unusual weather patterns continue in Chonburi. It used to be that the end of October marked the end of the rainy season, but no more.


The locals took advantage of the day as regular Monday golfer Andy Makara wins here today with a strong 42 on the card. Three followed on 41, including our mate Bob Mulholland who did not allow all the locals in all the scoring.


Robbie Taylor took the near pin but walked off with just a par.


Tuesday 21st – Greenwood A & C – Stableford – White Tees

T-1st – Ian Brimble (9) 35points

T-1st – Butch Furneaux (12) 35 points

3rd – Don Calais (8) 34 points


The trip out to Greenwood sure is a lot easier (and safer) with the new highway from Laem Chabang port up to the 331. It saves a few minutes, and also frees us from the ordeal of the Amata City traffic lights.

Greenwood was not in the best shape we have ever seen, but was very enjoyable and playable nonetheless. The greens on the front nine were sanded (Really? In November?) but putted true, and the back nine greens were just great. There were surprisingly few grumbles in the locker room so the verdict was still good on the course. Overcast skies made the round more bearable.


No high scores today and a tie for first saw the return of our old mate Ian Brimble, and the departure of the engaging John “Butch” Furneaux. Yes, Ian is back with us again for a couple of weeks golfing holiday and kicks it off in fine form with a win. Butch is leavin’ on a jet plane back to Oz and it has been a fun 5 weeks with him and his mates in town.


Don Calais finds himself at third with a 34 and none other than Kenny Aihara claims the Caddy Smile near pin. Did he get the birdie? From what I hear he was lucky he didn’t 3 putt!


A shy Kenny, Ian Brimble, winner Robbie Taylor and Franjo at bat!


Thursday 23rd – Eastern Star – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Robbie Taylor (15) 40 points

2nd – Kenny Aihara (8) 38 points

3rd – Franjo Blazevic (6) 37 points


This Robert Trent Jones, Jr. course is one of those tracks you either love or hate. Those little hidden fingers of water that jut out into the fairway are the bugaboo of this course. Once you figure that out, it is a whole lot easier and you will score a whole lot better.


Some guys also let those terrible little letters O and B get into their heads, so you had better get over that as well at Eastern Star. Surprisingly, I find it is the low handicappers who struggle at this course. I personally really like this course and when that new Pattaya bypass opens in a couple of years, we will get here, and Emerald, in about 35 minutes.


We were off the yellow tees today at 6,600 yards and it was a good decision as we were getting a fair bit of roll on the ball in spite of a few wet patches.


Former pro Franjo Blazevic is getting used to his new clubs and a 37 here gets him third place. Kenny Aihara is getting his form back thanks to those Sunday sessions at Siam Waterside. Kenny is back on the podium with a respectable 38 here.


It was all Robbie today with a Taylor made win on 40 points, and the near pin as well! That is very good shooting on this track so congrats to Robbie for a fine round of golf. Unfortunately, Robbie bagged the birdie on the near pin so that beer is on me mate!


Friday 24th – Pattavia Century – Stableford – White Tees

T-1st – Kenny Aihara (8) 39 points

T-1st – Franjo Blazevic (6) 39 points

3rd – Fred Birch (19) 38 points


If this isn’t the most improved golf course in Pattaya, I don’t know what is. Nick Faldo is responsible for this layout, and the topography on this plot of land is host to a lovely, undulating 18 holes of pleasure. Yes, the greens can be cut too close to make it unfair, but if you can handle that challenge you will love this track.


It is a difficult feat to shoot your handicap here, but on the leaderboard today, all the lads did just that. Congratulations to Freddy Birch… not just on his 38, but Fred and Yui just bought a new house! They move in next April so plenty of time to spend those winnings on the new furniture. Don’t forget those 3 ducks flying over the sofa.


Franjo continues his good form and a 39 ties with Kenny Aihara for their shared win. Kenny has been with us for about 8 years and I don’t believe his handicap has ever been this high, so he obviously needs to spend more time in Pattaya! I know Kenny won’t mind me sharing this, but last year at Pattavia, he had a 5-putt green. That is an example of how difficult this course can be, and in typical T.G.C. tradition, we will always give the S.B.M.F. some s#*t about it!


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