The Golf Club 24-28/07


The lady takes the medal!


Fred, Alan, J.P. and Steve celebrate.


Monday 31st – Silky Oaks – Monthly Medal – White Tees

1st – J.P. Thomas (36) net 63

2nd – Jimmy Dundon (19) net 66

T-3rd – Alan McKendry (12) net 73

T-3rd – Fred Birch (14) net 73


It was another Monday of uncertainty but we happily ended up at Silky Oaks for our medal comp for July. There was a pretty strong showing of 5 groups today and we thought that was amazing considering how few people there are in town. The town is deserted and is the quietest we have seen in years. Brexit, the Army and Police road blocks have all taken their toll over the last few months.


Weather has been fantastic lately with overcast days giving us respite from the summer heat. Rain has been coming overnight which makes for a near perfect scenario for golfers and greenskeepers alike.


Alan McKendry and Fred Birch had to share a podium space but both were at the 73 net score mark. Second place was 7 shots better, and won by Jim Dundon firing a fine 66 out there. We can’t leave out the near pin and Steve Wentford took that prize here today.


It was ladies day here and we had our very first lady winner for our Monthly Medal with Jareeporn Thomas shooting her best ever, a net 63. J.P. as she is known, just started playing in the last year and is improving her game by the month. Nice goin’ girl! Your lavender Antigua golf shirt has been monogrammed and is waiting for you here.


Tuesday 1st – Mountain Shadow – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Jimmy Dundon (19) 41 points

2nd – Koichi Takamoto (27) 29 points

3rd – Chris Bailey (14) 28 points


I usually book the golf about 6 weeks or so in advance. We get feedback from other groups, their write-ups and chatter from the lads that play with other societies from time to time. You just never know what courses will attract the most sign ups but Mountain Shadow is always a favourite. Except for this time. We only had 1 group out today!


This will be a short write-up as we didn’t even bother with a comp and just had a friendly, relaxed knock about for a change. The course was in excellent condition, just as we had heard it would be. There was no rain on the horizon, those hardy few that played whipped round in just over three hours. I told you the town was deserted!


Thursday 3rd – Silky Oaks – Stableford – White Tees

T-1st – J.P. Thomas (37) 40 points

T-1st – Jimmy Dundon (19) 40 points

3rd – Steve Coughlan (36) 38 points


There was a far better turnout for today as our regular bunch of members filled the ranks and we were back on track for a proper comp again. A massive four groups were out there today wreaking havoc on those already overworked greenskeepers.


Although he doesn’t remember it, Andy Leach got the Caddy Smile near pin and his playing partners verified he walked off with only a par. Stevie Coughlan did well and turned in a 38 for third.


It turned out a rematch from Monday as J.P. and Jimmy went shot for shot to end up tied at the magic 40 point mark. Well played (again) you two!


Friday 4th – Khao Kheow B & C – Stableford – White Tees


1st – Bob Catlow (18) 40 points

2nd – Renay Kippen (11) 35 points

3rd – David Ferris (16) 34 points


One of the most popular and beautiful courses in Pattaya is Khao Kheow and it was the destination for a perfect round of quality golf.

The van was packed with anxious players as we headed up highway 7 for the easy 40 minute journey. There is little traffic these days and nobody on the courses, so we were back to TGC by 2:15 after our 9:40 tee time.

Renay, Bob and Alan back at TGC after the round.


Dave Ferris made his usual podium appearance but this time only at third place. Visitor Renay Klippen did him one point better and took second with 35.


After 7 weeks of playing with The Golf Club, our Aussie mate Bob Catlow finally came good with a win and he did it in style with a big round of 40 points! Bob will be back home by the time you read this but is planning to be back by early November for another session in Pattaya, the home of golf in Thailand!


Thanks for your support, and keep it in the fairway!


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