The Golf Club 22-26/05


Monday 22nd –Green Valley – Monthly Medal – White Tees

1st – Freddy Graham (17) net 68

2nd – Gary Emmett (16) net 73

3rd – Gabe Enright (21) net 74

Freddy takes the May Medal!


The saga of Green Valley continues but the bottom line is, the course is still open and in decent condition. There were lots of clouds about and rain was threatening all day but we got lucky and stayed high and dry.


Today was Medal day as the long anticipated contest brings the winner a nice new Antigua TGC golf shirt, personally embroidered. Gabriel Enright is taking a break from his hectic keyboard activity designing some of Australia’s biggest and best websites. Gabe had a respectable round but 74 wasn’t quite there. Next up the ladder, Gary Emmett has another good placing and one up on Gabe for second place. Kenny Aihara was the Caddy Smile near pin winner and it cost us a drinks chip as Ken sunk that 14 footer for the bird!


Our TGC Medal winner for May, by a huge 5 shot margin, is our mate Freddy Graham. This is his first medal win and surely the first star on his Antigua polo. It was an all Aussie 1-2-3 on the podium as the Antipodeans took a clean sweep from the R.O.W.! Good on ya lads!

Marko Watkins, Ian Brimble, Gary Smedley and Terry Dyer barside.


Tuesday 23rd Laem Chabang – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Gary Smedley (12) 34 points

2nd – Ian Brimble (7) 33 points

3rd – Terry Dyer (17) 31 points


A good turnout today saw 18 head out to Laem Chabang, one of Pattaya’s best courses for the last four decades. It has also become one of the closest and from TGC it takes us just 25 minutes up the much improved highway 7. It is just about always in great shape, as we found it here today. Ground was a bit wet underfoot so the usual lift, clean and place was the order of the day.


As you can see from the scores above, the golf course was the winner here today as no one shot to their handicap. Terry Dyer has had a very good run of late, and just 31 points is good enough for third place. That Englishman from Texas, Ian Brimble, had a couple of better putts than Terry with 33 being his total for the day. Otsuka Masaya clinched our near pin contest.


It was good here for Gary Emmett as Laem Chabang proves to be just his style and a mere 34 points takes the win today for Gary. It all turned out to be perfect timing as when the last group walked off the green, the heavens opened up and gave the grounds another big soaking. You see, it pays to get up early this time of year!

Ian, Phil, Stuart and Dave après-golf back home at TGC.


Thursday 25th – Treasure Hill – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Stuart Hendon (14) 32 points

T-2nd – Ian Brimble (7) 30 points

T-2nd – Phil Smedley (12) 30 points


Well, if you thought the scores were low at Laem Chabang yesterday, just take a gander at the leaderboard today! Treasure Hill is definitely one of the more difficult courses in Pattaya. You rarely get scores in the 40’s here, but the 1,150 baht price for green fee, caddy and cart is a great deal and is certainly worth the trek.


Another overcast day, so pretty cool conditions for the month of May, and once again the rain threatened but never came.


It has been awhile since our fearless Captain was up on the board, but Phil tied with Ian Brimble for second place on this outing. He’s obviously trying to impress big brother Gary. Visiting from Western Australia, school teacher Stuart Hendon stole the comp today with just 32 Stableford points. Mr. Dave Ferris claimed the Caddy Smile near pin and gave all the money back to the charity. Thank you Dave!


Friday 26th – Phoenix Gold – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Marco Watkins (21) 38 points

T-2nd – Kenny Grimes (24) 37 points

T-2nd – Gary Emmett (16) 37 points


Back to Phoenix Gold one more time with a good gang of bandits out to take some gold at Phoenix. Overcast and coolish was the forecast for today, just as it has been all week in Pattaya. That rain has just been toying with us and today, we also got away with not a drop on the course, so thank you Gods of Golf for a week of perfection!


Condition of Phoenix was lovely by any standards and being so close to town is also a big attraction. For those far off readers of my musings, the famous Pattaya tunnel has still not opened, but it shall be announced with great fanfare once it is. Our new skating rink at Harbour Mall has been getting all the attention, especially if you have kids, or into hockey, or both. Right Uncle Johnny?


Gary Emmett was the bridesmaid for Monday’s medal and today he repeats his second place finish. With 37 points in the can, Gary and Kenny Grimes bring us back to some decent scoring. Strange to see a week go by and nobody breaks the 40 point mark. For the second time this week, Kenny Aihara gets our near pin but this time, no poker chip for Ken!


He disappears for 6 or 7 years, but no one forgets Marko! Mr. Watkins is back full time now so expect to see his name up there more often and his 38 made him winner out there today. Marko (aka Jason) has returned lock, stock and two smokin’ irons so we expect to see that 21 handicap dropping like a cheap prom dress at 2 a.m.


Thanks for your support guys, and keep it in the fairway!


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